Sometimes quoted as the “ultimate EDV steel”, it’s easy to sharpen, has excellent edge retention and is resistant to corrosion. The knife comes with a plastic sheath, which does the job but is nothing to shout about.

If you’re concerned, then you can replace the handles with micarta handles to improve the grip, though this does add to the cost. In many instances, a Scandi grind can be preferable because it makes for a great wood carving knife and is easy to sharpen.

The edge of the blade is made with top-notch quality as well.
And while carbon steel doesn’t have non-corrosive properties, the Morokniv Bushcraft Survival Knife comes with a special DLC coating to prevent it from rusting. The blade length is 4.3” (10.95cm) and the thickness is .125” (3.2mm). The Ontario 8630 RAT-3 is a US-made bushcraft knife that features an impressive full tang design. The best bushcraft knife when building a fire has to have a solid construction, so it stays dependable when you have to split kindle. Fixed blades are generally considered superior for bushcraft because the absence of moving parts means there are fewer ways the knife can malfunction. The blade is made from hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. Brothers of Bushcraft Knife. Benchmade is a knife manufacturer based out of Oregon City, Oregon that has built a solid reputation for making innovative knives and using great materials. Also, double-sided wedge lock and dual thumb studs make it useful for both right and left-handed people.

It also processes small and medium-sized firewood, in terms of chopping and batoning, quite efficiently. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a slightly shorter knife or have small hands. Spyderco is a company with a great reputation in the knife world. In addition, this bushcraft knife comes with a black nylon sheath that includes a storage compartment, sharpening stone, and ferro rod. It is made with a high carbon stainless known as 1095 Cro-Van that is treated to RC 56-58. The knife holds very well even in wet conditions. Some bushcraft tasks include a certain amount of woodwork like making shelter while you are in the wild, cutting and making spoon out of wood, making your traps, or simply chopping wood for a fire. The sheath can hold the knife securely, and it features a great Teklock carry mechanism that is compatible with MOLLE. See also: The 8 Best Buck Knives: From EDC to Survival. This makes durability a prime consideration. The blade construction, which is the most important factor for every bushcraft knife, is excellent in this one.

It should also be safe and comfortable to use, so you don’t get accidents and hurt yourself while using it. It is 4.75” (12.07cm) in length, and is a good fit even for larger hands.
It may be the case that one of the under $50 selections will fill your niche perfectly, or you may need something that can stand up to heavy-duty use over an extended period of time. When buying a knife for whatever bushcraft task you want to do, the blade should be the first thing on your list. The RAT in its name stands for Jeff Randall’s Randall Adventure Training, who designed the knife for the brand before partnering with another one. Additionally, there is a finger choil, a lanyard hole, a grip jumping, and a front quillon to add a more secure grip to the handle. Send us your questions and inquiries and we'll get back to you, asap. Pros: (+) O1 steel is very sharp and holds an edge well (+) Full tang and high durability (+) Great handle ergonomics Cons: (-) Blade steel requires more maintenance to prevent rusting (-) No jimping if you prefer it for blade control. They allow for a large cutting surface that is good for both slicing and chopping, and also maintain a strong tip that is easily controllable. The best thickness or thinness for a bushcraft knife will largely depend on how you intend to use the knife. I live on the WET COAST of Canada and decided to go with the Benchmade 162 with Kydex sheath. Shapes like the Clip Point should be avoided because it leaves the tip too thin and weak. This bushcraft knife is lightweight, so you can use it for an extended period without having your fingers feeling numb after some time. Just keep in mind to consider the features we ave discussed above to make sure that your purchase is worth the money you’ve paid for it and would satisfy your bushcraft needs to the fullest. It will also help if the knife comes with its protection against the harsh outdoor conditions. The cutting edge is another factor you need to consider when buying the best bushcraft knife. It is a Drop Point with a full flat grind and jimping along the spine. It also has the weight for chopping small-to-medium diameter wood. Designed as a survival tool for the Swedish armed forces, this is another bushcraft knife with something of a cult following. It weighs in at a hefty pound with a thick blade that’s virtually indestructible. If you see bigger as being better, then you may want to look at getting a survival knife instead. Check Prices on Amazon The blade is made from laminated VG-10 steel – this makes it both strong and resistant to corrosion. High carbon steel blades are well-known for being very hard and razor-sharp for a long time. You can find those made with stainless steel, high carbon steel, and chromium.

If you are looking for a premium knife for bushcraft purposes and budget isn’t an issue, then you might as well got for the Benchmade Bushcrafter 162. In this article, we are going to review six of the best-rated bushcraft knives in the market and the necessary buying guide to help you select the best knife for your bushcraft needs.

But if you’re looking for a knife that will last you a lifetime and won’t let you down, it’s a worthy investment. As the name implies, the handle is made of G-10.

If you are looking for the best bushcraft knife for the toughest outdoor jobs, then look no further than the Schrade SCHF36 Frontier. Overall, however, this is a very solid bushcraft knife. Polyester belt sheath. It comes with all the features you’d expect a great rugged bushcraft knife will have. You will be pleasantly surprised at how natural the knife feels in your hand compared to other ESEE knives, which can tend to feel a bit blocky. Bigger angles in knives usually give it a much stronger edge, and those with steeper angles tend to have a weaker blade. As it’s not a full tang knife, you may be cautious when using it for heavy-duty tasks, but you’ll be surprised at how well it stands up to rough use.

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