32 K, 99.5 FM EUROPA PLUS RIGA 64 K, STAR FM 94.1-94.7 SPARTI 64 K, PLUS RADIO 102.6 FM THESSALONIKI 128 K, MAGNUM LA RADIO CHAUMONT REGION 128 K, COCKTAIL FM 88.9 GERARDMER 48 K, VANESSA FM 100.3 STRZEBNIK RACIBORZA BAC BARCELONA REGION (Ballads in Overnight), ONE FM 107 FM GENEVA/99.3 FM LAUSANNE/107.2 PUBLIER, PLUS EAST FRANCE-GENEVA-LAUSANNE FREQUENCIES RADIO ENERGY 128 K, SWITZERLAND  128 K, ENERGY ALL OVER FINLAND FREQUENCIES, BIG FM STUTTGART-FRANKFURT-KOLN (COLOGNE)-DUSSELDORF-HEIDELBERG-SAARBRUCKEN 128 K PRESS PLAY AT UPPER LEFT CORNER, ENERGY RADIO ALL OVER BELGIUM Top Stations. 32 K AAC, CHOICE FM 104.3 LIMASOL (Ballads/Retro Friendly 64 K, N-JOY NORTH GERMANY 128 K, THE VOICE ALL OVER DENMARK 32 K AAC, RADIO MINISAT ALL OVER ROMANIA If there’s such a thing as “world music” to them, it’s REM and Queen. BBC RADIO 1 97-99 FM ALL OVER THE UK (Specialty Europe Radio Stations on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, and other app-enabled mobile phones. 128 K, RADIO DEEJAY 101.8 LARISA It's FREE! Friendly) 33 K, HYBRID RADIO 95.5 MYTILINE FREQUENCIES 7. 32 K AAC, SPARK FM 107 SUNDERLAND But here are 10 soundscapes to explore. 48 K AAC, PLUS FM 94.5 HUSI 32 K, 2 FM 90-92 FM ALL OVER IRELAND (State-Owned Pop Station) 32 K AAC, RED FM 104-106 FM CORK (Retro Leaning in Overnights) 128 K, RADIO INSIDE 99.8 PAU This is a list of radio stations in Europe that have taken on the CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio) format, compiled by Charles. Argentina is not all about tango. 64 K, SLOVENIA 48 K AAC Copy & Paste into 128 K, RADIO KISS ALL OVER SLOVAKIA PLUS EAST FRANCE-GENEVA-LAUSANNE GENEVA 32 K AAC, IMPACT FM ALL OVER NORTHEAST ROMANIA FREQUENCIES PACE DEL MELA 96 K, BFBS RADIO NORTHWEST FREQUENCIES Écoutez gratuitement les top radios les plus populaires en vous connectant sur 128 K, RADYO FENOMEN 100.4 ISTANBUL/98 FM IZMIR/98.8 128 K, DIVERSE FM 102.8 LUTON (Rhythmic/Dance) 32 K AAC, POWER FM 92.3 ARTA SLOVAKIA 65 K, ENERGY 88.9 DRAMA (Dance/Rhythmic Lean) 128 K, ENERGY RHEIN-MAIN FRANKFURT REGION 64 K, MY RADIO 89.6 CORINTH 32 K AAC, EUROPA PLUS 106.4 CHISINAU/104 TIRASPOL/102.9 We simply do not know what will happen and how long the lockdown will last.” Many of this year’s festivals will be postponed or cancelled, but tunes from Womad NZ, Palestine Music Expo, Panama’s Macro Fest and India’s Bass Camp help fill the gap in a small way. 32 K AAC, SPIN SOUTHWEST 102-103 & 94.7 FM SOUTH-WEST 48 K AAC Copy & Paste 128 K, 96.6 T-FM MIDDLESBROUGH (Adult Lean) 128 K, 98.8 KISS FM BERLIN (Rhythmic Lean) 128 K, RADIO ENERGY 103.6 FM 96 K 128 K, ENJOY RADIO 91.2 KAPOSVAR/98.9 48 K, VITOSHA NETWORK ALL OVER BULGARIA (Adult Lean) into Winamp, BEACON RADIO 97.2 BIRMINGHAM-WOLVERHAMPTON 97 K, THE VOICE ALL OVER SWEDEN (Rhythmic/Dance Lean) (Dance Leaning during nights) 128 K Press Play, DELTA RADIO North Germany (Rock Lean) PASCANI/95.1 BACAU 112 K, KCC LIVE 99.8 LIVERPOOL (Rhythmic Lean) 128 K, RJR - RADIO JEUNES REIMS 106.1 REIMS FREQUENCIES 48 K AAC, NEW FIRE RADIO 107.6 BOURNEMOUTH-POOLE mms:// 64 K, RADIO NOVA ERA 100.1-101.3 PORTO, BRAGA Where do you start? 32 K AAC, CITY RADIO 107.3 PODGORICA 96 K, RADIO OK 107.2 RYAZAN 128 K, FUN RADIO 94.3 VIENNA (Adult Friendly) 64 K, PRIME RADIO 100.3 ERMOPOULIS 4. 32 K AAC, RADIO M PLUS 95.7 & 100.7 TARGU NEAMT UK FREQUENCIES 32 K AAC, RADIO ZU ALL OVER ROMANIA 64 K, RADIO CARISMA HITPLAY 93.7 FERRARA (Disco in FREQUENCIES FREQUENCIES MORAVA/97.8 MOHELNICE/100 FM OPAVSKO 64 K, 64 K, MAXX FM 106.7 IOANNINA More recent Bollywood music often has excellent production and richer orchestral arrangements. 128 K, ENERGY CORFU 95.7 48 K AAC Copy & Paste 128 K, DIPOL FM 105.6 TYUMEN/104.2 TOBOLSK/102.9 ISHIM107.8 48 K, DIN GATA 100.6 128 K, PLANET MORE MUSIC RADIO FRANKFURT REGION 128 K, ENERGY RADIO STUTTGART REGION 128 K, WELLE 1 106.2 SALZBURG, 102.6 STEYR, 91.8 LINZ, 107.1 128 K, SINE FM 102.6 DONCASTER  FREQUENCIES 8. SWIERADOWIEC/90.9 BIELAWA 96 K, ENERGY RADIO 106.9 NURNEBERG 192 K, ACTIVE RADIO 90 FM SAINT ETIENNE & MONTBRISON/98.9 128 K, SKYROCK ALL OVER FRANCE (Rhythmic Lean) into Winamp, 106.8 TCR FM TAMWORTH From Lagos to Nairobi to Jo’burg, almost all the ones I tried crashed, or the URLs were defunct.  FREQUENCIES But there are many more radio stations around the world that play music from their own cultures, past and present, mainstream and marginal. At Mixcloud, choose from well curated playlists of South African house, stompin’ Algerian raï and groovy Ghanian high life. FREQUENCIES 96 K AAC, RADIO 88 95.4 FM SZEGED/92.5 CEGLED   ONE FM 107 FM GENEVA/99.3 FM LAUSANNE/107.2 PUBLIER 32 K AAC, I 102-104 FM GALWAY REGION 192 K, JEAR RADIO EN 103.5 TIGSTAD/106.3 & 107.9 SANDNEY 128 K, RADIO DEEJAY ALL OVER ITALY Just select a city on the map, review the full frequency list and click on the station name to listen online. 1. FREQUENCIES From bossa nova and bluegrass to Bollywood, we tune in for a virtual world tour, Fri 17 Apr 2020 15.08 BST Toutes les émissions et les stations de radio à découvrir en un clic. 128 K, FUN RADIO ALL OVER FRANCE (Rhythmic/Dance)  64 K, RADIO M1 ALL OVER LITHUANIA FREQUENCIES CAN BE FOUND ON (Rhythmic/Dance Friendly) (Adult Friendly) FREQUENCIES 128 K, THE PULSE 97.5 & 102.5 FM BRADFORD-LEEDS-MANCHESTER-HUDDERSFIELD ENGLAND This is a list of radio stations in Europe that have taken on the CHR 96 K, ENERGY ALL OVER DENMARK

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