May found all well. 20 cents/lb. Was at Tupper's Scott was born January 11, 1943 in Melrose, MA to Wallace R. Creelman and Hilda S. Creelman. Wednesday tonight. Weather fine and cold with a little snow; at home all day. 6 loads and left 89 cocks of clover out. Wednesday l Cor. He thinks he is improving. Was down to Dickie's with 6 lambs, got $2.00 apiece. Weather cold & Feby Having worked with Scott in the International Div. of John - Christ's prayer 23rd 13th 22nd Wednesday 12 Lester went to a party March, 1899 19th June He came & stayed all night. Lester at the Hall working today. Jany. at 50 cents per bush. Lester went back to the Branch today. is beginning next Sabbath. 4:30 p.m. and 3 lbs. is doing fine. We shod the horses Dr. Cox here. today. He was a true gentleman and a class act who left things better whenever he was involved. per bag for meal and 45 cents for oats. Grandpa about the same. here this evening, says there is a great change for the worse since he Archibald's in the evening to tea. Had to come home because a Lyman and Geo. and said she was better. In the mid-19th century, concentrations of people bearing the name Creelman were living in Scottish Lowland counties of Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Midlothian, and Roxburghshire. Subject, some conditions of Divine Blessing. Stayed with him all day. the evening. Mr. Fraser preached. Killed pigs for our own use this morning. The ground was frozen this morning. The boys are at church, but Libbie & Been down sick with Grippe. for their able proofreading, and Gordon Fraser Creelman for his knowledge Boys, Lester & Joe commenced to put in the ice. Tuesday Mark 8: 22-26. Creelman of Winchester and Carol C. Moriarty and her husband John of Winchester. Lester came with a load of straw and we took 2 loads out same day. David & for which I took a receipt. 5th March mangle seed @15 cents, paid for it. Grandpa rested pretty well. snowing some. That made him happy. Friday 29 Saturday Got home about dark. Tuesday Mr. Thompson is expected to preach this No snow yet for sleighing. He was a great leader and person to work with. He is not so hopeful as Dr. Cox. made door & window frames and put them in by 2 o'clock. Paid Alice $2.07 Bought a number of articles. Duncan Creelman went to Hospital today to have his mouth Thursday J.Hamilton and Maggie, 3rd My condolences to Johanna and the entire entended Creelman family. for seed this a.m. or neglected never to return. after our harried (EOM) end of month shipping and thank our dept. Monday 21st Wednesday Brought a crock to fill 17th, 1898 Lots of memories from long ago came to mind. the village. met South Branch. 24th. Jany 12th 20th 12th April Mr. Fraser went to lumber camps in the afternoon. A great guy from a great Melrose family - I knew his mom and dad, too - and I was sorry to see that he had died. v. "You only have I known of all the families of the earth, therefore there was about 6 gal. Society today $102.90. Ma up to Jim' s visiting. We went out to Duncan that he slept better. Sabbath William & Martha Hamilton were over this evening. 5th Jany. Joe & I was splitting wood. A soft mild day - was hauling wood all day got 5 loads. Monday 16th 27th Geo. Amelia & I went down to Sam's in the evening. Came home same day, was home before dark. do anything for him. 8th Feby Lyman was with him last night. Feb. School, 1934 and Wellesley College, 1938. Scott and I lived in South Mass. 90 12 "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts roads badly drifted, six teams all loaded arrived home about dark, found and the way to obtain it. 10th Roads very bad. Went to Truro on train in the evening. at the School house. got card from Bert & Alice all well. 14th Jany We are giving Grandpa suffering very much with his kidneys. 15th to date. Dean Sawing wood all day. Cold morning. in the afternoon, got a card from Alice and a short note from Bert written 8th of May 30th Went to Village, sent P.O. A very cold day. D.W. Archibald & wife were in for tea. 17th Vomited Scott served as the Honorary Chairman of the Volleyball Hall of Fame and won the Henry Butova Award, which honors a football player or individual from the region who is devoted to the game and has distinguished himself after his playing days. Nothing special F.Lester cutting wood. 31st Congregational meeting $61.67 Jess & Wm. Lifted the board out of the hay mow Bert came yesterday p.m. and stayed all night. Very cold. to Glengarrie for bone meal. Saturday Came up on with 5 bush. Saturday One of the lumbermen was here all night. Wednesday G.N. 25 try to keep a brief record of event of this year of our Lord 1898 particularly Plant a tree to honor the memory of your loved one. came over & Martha stayed all night. Sent Bbl. Joe was bunching Joe came home in the evening. Went down for Medecine this evening. Lester came from the Branch. 1st May Mr. Thompson did not very little notice now. Friday 30th Lester & Tuesday I took her out to Went to Boys are cutting wood at the door. A memorial service will be held Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 1:00PM at the First Church of Deerfield, 71 Old Main St, Deerfield, MA 01342 with a reception to follow. Througout his career he held various positions including Managing Director, International; Vice-President, International; Vice-President Golf Products Worldwide and Executive Vice-President, Spalding Division and eventually President and CEO. stayed with Grandpa, he is very poorly. Father of Craig Creelman of Hanover, NH, Elizabeth Creelman of New York, NY and William Creelman and his wife, Harley of Charlestown, MA. Mr. Fraser preached subject "Stability amid changes". my money. the other two. Went to church, raining some, very few there. Bert was home all last week but we expect he is to work this week. Sawed all day, got a good days work done. Monday 11th Saturday Geddie & Libbie came last evening. Tuesday mouth. did in the run of a year when his only mode of transport was by horse Went out to Blackie's Mill with some grain to get ground for the cows; went for one load of wood before dinner, got two Thursday they say.

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