It tallies the expenses against the potential benefits of creating the site. This income statement template calculates the operating income so businesses know exactly where their finances stand. This double declining balance depreciation template will help you find depreciation expense using one of the most common depreciation methods. This revenue run rate template shows you how to calculate the annualized revenue. This Value Added Excel Template, shows an example of a Gross Value Added and Net Value Added Calculation. The forecasted revenue section allows you to estimate your revenue for 4 different products. Whenever an organization is looking to put together and submit their financial statements, they will often look to get them board approved. This personal budget template will help you determine the state of your finances and help plan your monthly or annual spending. This section is for entering information on any assets that don't fit in the other sections. Healthy sites should have a nice bell curve with a good mix of sites. Interest rate parity (IRP) shows the relationship between the spot exchange rate and expected exchange rate for two countries, based on interest rates. The sheet also includes an income statement report and is easy to adjust. Home office expenses are tax deductible and all purchases need to be accounted for. This target costing template shows you how to find the target cost given the selling price and profit margin. This startup business plan template helps you get one step closer to success. As the cost of annual maintenance, repair and overhaul is likely to increase each year, you will need to enter a percentage factor on your capital equipment in the white box in Column B. This EBITDA multiple template helps you find out the EBITDA multiple given the line items for determining the enterprise value. This discount factor template helps you calculate the amount of discounted cash flows using explicit discount factors. Enter the value of these assets into Column B, and these values will be copied over to each of the 5 years of the plan. This cost of goods sold template demonstrates three methods of COGS accounting: FIFO, LIFO and weighted average. This template consolidates a number of key metrics and is a comprehensive tool, without the need for any additional sheets. The data is pulled from multiple sources and is then compiled into aesthetically pleasing charts and graphs. Multiple tasks can be inserted and the projects are color coded depending on their risk level and progress. This debt to asset ratio template will show how to calculate the Debt/Asset ratio given the amount of assets, short-term and long-term debt. This debt equity ratio template shows you how to calculate D/E ratio given the amounts of short-term and long-term debt and shareholder's equity. The “Project Portfolio Dashboard” provides KPIs not for either products or a single project, but for multiple projects. This Acid Test Ratio Template will show you how to calculate the acid test ratio the formula: (Current Assets - Inventory) / Current Liabilities. The “Service Invoice” template is suited for freelancers, consultants and contractors who need to bill for hourly work. Along with knowing their financial situation at all times, organizations can also have the documentation necessary to get the capital they need more easily. The “Online Sales Tracker” template allows for the easy viewing of all online sales as well as income per product. Companies will usually use a business financial statement excel template in order to accurately document the performance of their organization. This quick ratio template helps you calculate the quick ratio given the amount of cash, marketable securities, accounts receivable and accounts payable. With financial statements and their specific templates, companies and nonprofits entities are able to determine if they are reaching their financial goals and if they need to make adjustments with their budget in order to avoid bankruptcy or closure. In most parts of the world, you will have to pay income on your earnings. Budget Template. This weighted average shares outstanding template shows you how to calculate the weighted average shares outstanding using quarterly data. This fixed asset turnover template teaches you how to calculate the fixed asset turnover ratio using the formula: Fixed Asset Turnover = Net Sales / Average Fixed Assets. This capital gains yield calculator demonstrates how to calculate the capital gains yield using the purchase price and current price of a stock. This additional paid in capital template demonstrates the calculation of additional amount of capital paid by investors. If you are looking to streamline the speed and utility of your business, consider the 50+ templates below. This Justified P/E Ratio template will allow you to calculate and compare justified price-to-earnings ratio and the standard price-to-earnings ratio in Excel. A list of qualities is provided and each quality can be marked as “unsatisfactory”, “satisfactory”, “good”, or “excellent”. This Black Scholes calculator uses the Black-Scholes option pricing method to help you calculate the fair value of a call or put option. You can see who is responsible for various tasks and gain an overview of where everything stands. It can be used to do almost anything data-related, and is perfectly suited to both corporations and small businesses. Another thing that companies and nonprofits will look to get is a certification of enclosed statements. Whether or not you already have a loan, or are using this spreadsheet as a part of a business plan to help you obtain one, it allows you to easily see how much you will be paying each month, showing how much you are paying off your loan, and how much you are paying in interest. The “Business Financial Plan” template is one of the most commonly used by small businesses. As investing activities can vary year on year, you will need to fill out any investment activities for each of the 5 years in the appropriate columns for Acquisition of Business, and any Other Investing Cash Flow items. Working on financial plan templates in Excel are easier than anything else. This price/earnings to growth ratio template shows you the calculation of PEG ratio given the share price, EPS and EPS growth rate. The “12-Month Marketing Plan” template is a marketing structure for the year ahead. The “Payroll Management” template is used as a generic broadsheet for monitoring payroll. The “Expenses Trends” is a series of trend-lines and graphs to demonstrate the current habits in monthly expenses. Therefore, they will use a financial statement for business plan template. For example an income statement will include information such as sales, purchases and gross profit. Failing to secure the right loan is one of the most common causes of small business failure. This cash budget template will help you plan your cash inflows and outflows on a monthly basis. It creates a neat summary of the sales completed and the amount due, as well as whether or not the payments were made. Simple yet highly effective, it allows business owners to figure out which loans are the right fit. Enter the annual tax rate that applies to your circumstances in the white box in Column B. One of the most common types of templates is the business financial statement template. This journal entries guide will help you learn the structure of a general ledger and enter journal entries yourself. Without some kind of assistance, it is easily to focus on all the wrong things. The “Paid Backlink Profile” template is extremely useful to see whether you have a healthy backlink profile or not. The “Business Budget Expenses” template is a comprehensive tool for tracking all kinds of business expense. The Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) calculator can calculate the maximum line of credit available for a homeowner. This XIRR vs IRR template allows you to differentiate between the use of IRR and XIRR functions to compute the internal rate of return. This adjusted present value template guides you through the calculation of APV starting with the value of unlevered project and PV of debt financing. The sheet can be used to track progress on nearly any conceivable metric and the data is presented in graph form. It also includes a product description and the billing company name and address. The sheet compares future goals with current spending habits, creating a map for future growth. This Equity Template will allow you to calculate a company's book value and market value of equity using the accounting method and financial analysis method.

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