PetPartners, Inc. is located at 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 350, Raleigh, NC 27617. The SAR Coordinators Association helps develop training standards, search techniques and standardization for search and rescue volunteers, county coordinators and other assisting agencies around the State of Arizona. Dogs are seen by appointment only. They are amazing and help every animal that comes their way. I know Mitzie Christian would ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ANY ANIMAL. Central Arizona search and rescue is the best!!! CAASR provides a safe, loving and comfortable environment to ensure the well being of all the animals that cross her path. We would love to be able to win this award to do even more for the lost, found and abandoned dogs. Mitzie has high integrity and always goes above and beyond to help every furbaby. Professional with expertise in this field CAASR has an impressive track record in searching for, finding and trapping animals that escape their homes or vehicles at accident scenes. I have seen her handle hard situations with great compassion and determination. Please message us via our contact page, or email for information on our available dogs, the … 10/31/2020. Have questions or want a quote over the phone? Attendance is usually between 20 - 30 people. We want to build a huge dog play yard off the back of the building too. CAASR is a great search and rescue they do so much to help people and their animals I am so glad that they are around to be able to help people and help low-income people when they need it with dog food and office visits for their pets and other things there a god-sent to all and I want to personally say thank you to Mitzie Owner for helping me with a little Chihuahua that I just took in and for all she does God bless all of you. I loved them so much after volunteering we fostered and failed! We are a fully equipped dog rescue with a play yard and 6 indoor kennels. Call our customer care team at 1-866-725-2747. They are an amazing organization! Offering education of the abandoned that are rehomed after being dumped. We would add more to our Kennel Building and play yard for the dogs. It's as if each animal is belongs to them and are their baby until they find a loving home for them. An amazing organization that always goes above and beyond to help their pets, adopters and fosters. Central Arizona Animal Search & Rescue is an Arizona Trade Name filed on January 1, 2016. It is her desire and intention to give all the dogs a second chance at a beautiful life and along with the search and rescue program, she also has a successful adoption program. We adopted our sweet Sadie from them and they went above and beyond in their care of her and in assisting us with everything! It would be very hard to find someone with a heart as big as Mitzie's. Each team member donates his or her time and effort in service to the community. Learn more about Central Arizona Animal Rescue in Queen Creek, AZ, and search the available pets they have up for adoption on Petfinder. I adopted my sweet silly Layla from them and am happy to help them out financially whenever I can. Central Arizona Animal Search and Rescue is on Facebook. Also we help other people with their vet bills and pet food so we would be able to help even more. View 4 reviews. All dog are adopted on a first come - first served basis. While a deserving Animaltarian, this entry unfortunately did not advance to the Finalist Round. Jackie F.2 Central Arizona Animal Search and Rescue, Camp Verde, Arizona. We have a building we have built 6 nice kennels in so these dogs can be in during the summers with air conditioning and winters with heat. Thank you to Mitzie and all the volunteers, fosters etc!! 10/31/2020. The Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association (CAMRA) is a group of volunteers who perform search and rescue operations in the backcountry of Maricopa County and other parts of Arizona. We adopted our most recent rescue dog Benny from CAASAR. Volunteer I have seen her handle hard situations with great compassion and determination. They are the best!!!! I’m so honored to be a Volunteer Helping with the FurBabies Mitzie Christian rescues at Central Arizona Animal Search and Rescue.

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