Video bugs have also grown in popularity, which can record or even transmit events live. All devices provide a user friendly setup and very high quality sound recording. The important lesson to be learnt here is that you must always find ways to mislead your assailant(s). Since sweeping such a vast area for possible spies would be impractical, walking and talking with someone on a busy, noisy street is a fairly effective way to elude this method of eavesdropping. Nobody is immune from spying. Spying continues while the ambush is being planned, 3. Transparent Lives is a prominent Canadian organization that aims to "demonstrate dramatically just how visible we have all become to myriad organizations and what this means—for better or for worse—for how we conduct our everyday lives." This can be used to trick them by misguiding them to a false destination. We continually evaluate new equipment and software as it hits the market to maintain our technical edge. Whether you’re using a drone to monitor the movement of suspected foreign spies or simply disappearing into a crowd to make sure you aren’t being followed, you’re conducting counter surveillance. There are many types of electronic eavesdropping devices or bugs. You recently lost a Bid or Request For Proposal that you would normally win, You have an unexplained decrease in new sales, Your pricing and sales strategy is leaked to your competitors, Contract negotiations for labor and contracts become increasingly more difficult. It may happen that the tracker hasn't been paying attention or the ambush plan is still in the development phase. Contact us | For example: a counter-surveillance technique might be to drive erratically in order to prevent a mobile surveillance team from following you. This will apprise you of possible attack sites, so that you can exercise extra vigilance in these areas or start avoiding them altogether. Frequently Asked Questions About Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). Counter surveillance can be refreshingly basic. There is no better way to gather unequivocal video evidence than with spy cameras. The main goal is to make it difficult for your attackers to locate and follow you. Counter surveillance tactics are used by people who are looking to reduce the risk of surveillance or avoid any surveillance that can place them into a potentially harmful situation. In order to do so, you may require professional counter surveillance gear. This gives the attacker an element of surprise against you. Now you can add a real protective layer to your digital life. The target may be anyone of interest to them, including you or your friends and family. images) through cyberspace. Learn more about TSCM inspection equipment. Electromagnetic pulse generators and directed energy uses high voltage and high current surges to temporarily disrupt or permanently disable electronic equipment. From powerful body-worn voice recorders to room and vehicle audio recording, our range is unsupassed for quality and price. This counter surveillance technique only works if the attackers do not have a GPS, or if you are more familiar with the area. Amnesty International runs a campaign called #UnfollowMe that "calls on governments to ban mass surveillance and unlawful intelligence sharing", inspired by Edward Snowden leaking thousands of NSA documents that revealed information about mass surveillance in the U.S. Lens detectors to detect the lenses of wired or wireless concealed covert cameras. Terms & Conditions | MSA places the highest premium on our client’s privacy. The Company boardroom, telephone system, mobile phones, fax machines, and computers are examples confidential information sources that may be targets for the eavesdropper. Nobody has more experience, or better-equipped to conduct your Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. Be vigilant and keep a close eye on everything that's happening around you and how other people and vehicles respond to your actions. 10 to 2. The good news is that all of these devices are detectable with the right people, equipment and methodology. Surveillance can be defined as the constant, secret and sustained watching and tracking of persons, places, objects or vehicles to collect information about the identities or activities of individuals. - There are different tactics to check whether someone is tailing you, but you should take care to be smart about it. - A basic SDR you could use is to follow a residential route you are comfortable and familiar with. Cyber crook who captured nude photos of Miss Teen USA 2013 by infiltrating through the webcam in her home. Suspendisse consequat ornare neque, eget porttitor erat pretium a. This definition is however lacking some of the technical scope involved. Sometimes, the use of advanced counter surveillance tools is necessary in order to thoroughly remove the potential threat. Easy to use, take a browse at our product range. Criminals tend to use different methods when planning their activities. Besides taps and bugs, specialized shotgun mikes can pick up your voice from a distance of up to 300 feet. TSCM UK | The Hoxton Mix, 3rd Floor 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE Counter surveillance measures range from basic to highly sophisticated and are used by people who think that they are being watched. Advanced bugs can be remotely operated to switch on and off, and some even rapidly switch frequencies according to a predetermined pattern in order to make location with sweepers more difficult. If you prove to your assailants that you're a hard target, they will be forced to make the following choices: - They might decide to move onto a less suspecting target. In that case, security vendors sell more comprehensive bug detection kits that pick up the “electric noise” from the device’s circuitry. We conduct counter-surveillance detection and device removal services only. Counter surveillance, on the other hand, allows a person to detect, identify, and potentially reverse surveillance that is being used on them in a nefarious manner.

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