Her senseless murder was an absolute abomination. It was held at the Blacktown Arts Centre. I want to acknowledge them all today and again offer a very sincere welcome to our nation's family and in particular to the city of Blacktown. Is an east-west aligned Greenway lying to the north of Chifley and Mitchell a likely prospect? This table provides the number and percentage breakdown of first preference votes received by vote type for the division. Two-party-preferred votes in Greenway at the 2016 federal election Become a Patron! Results Glen Andreazza was declared elected by the Returning Officer at 5.30pm Thursday, 21 February 2019. This table provides the number and percentage breakdown of two candidate preferred (TCP) votes received by vote type for the division. Campaigning. I had the great pleasure of attending her play. Grace's Place is going to play a pivotal role in helping to heal and support children who are experiencing what can only be described as unimaginable pain. As a hardcore Liberal voter (very much a dry than a Turnbull-esque wet), I will say they could have picked a better candidate in 2013…. There was a genuinely good candidate who would have won Greenway in 2013 and then benefited from the sophomore surge in 2016. Electors enrolled on 7 January 2019: 16,876. The Same Sex Relationships Act of 2008 already gave registered same sex unions the same equal rights as hetero married couples. 682 Grove Street Labor councillor Michelle Rowland won the redrawn Greenway in 2010, and was re-elected in 2013 and 2016. image. Two candidate preferred or TCP is a count of the two leading candidates only. Held on 16 February 2019. There is no reason for people to vote for someone who does not share their values. NSW state redistribution – draft maps released, Podcast #47: Queensland election, the next day. I particularly note the families who were there to support them and the children who became Australian citizens. Voter Checklist. The TCP count ultimately determines who wins the seat. Updated: 19 November 2019. I had the great pleasure of attending her play The Good Woman, exploring her experiences as an Afghan refugee to Australia. Mossfield retired at the 2004 election, and the ALP stood Ed Husic, while the Liberals stood Louise Markus. See. FEDERAL ELECTION 2019. Suburbs and towns include Blacktown (part), Glenwood, Girraween, Kellyville Ridge, Kings Langley, Kings Park, Lalor Park, Parklea, Prospect, Quakers Hill (part), Riverstone (part), Rouse Hill (part), Schofields (part), Seven Hills, Stanhope Gardens and Vineyard (part). She was taken from a spot in Blacktown, near Blacktown railway station, where I would wait for my bus to go home from school. And even then just barely. HISTORICAL TWO-PARTY RESULTS DEMOGRAPHICS ANCESTRY GREENWAY: AUSTRALIA: AGE DISTRIBUTION Profile. An absent vote is a vote cast at a polling place outside of a voter's electoral division, but still within their state or territory. Blacktown Workers Club is one of those local organisations that are doing their utmost to support initiatives such as this. There have been very generous contributions that have got us to this point with Grace's Place. This can be at an early voting centre or polling place in the voter's own division or at an interstate voting centre. There were well over 100 languages and nationalities represented at this citizenship ceremony. Logically Greenway wouldn’t have swung to Labor but it did quite strongly, & not where it would be expected. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. image. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. As we have for every general election since 1979, Ipsos MORI has produced estimates of how the voters voted in 2019. But their northern halves seem to have more in common with each other than the rest of their respective LGA. Areas south of the railway line have been grouped as “South” with the remainder in “Central”. The first of these is an event that recently I had the pleasure of attending in Blacktown. Provisional votes are votes cast at a polling place where the elector's name cannot be found on the roll, the elector's name has already been marked off the roll or votes cast by a silent elector. This table provides the number and percentage of preferences to each two candidate preferred (TCP) candidate. “North” covers those parts north of the M7. 19 September 2019 Delivered in the Federation Chamber I take this opportunity to mention a number of events and initiatives that have been occurring in the Greenway electorate over the past few weeks that speak volumes about our community, about our people and about the spirit that is alive and well in west and north-west Sydney. national; federal election; What you need to know about every seat in the 2019 federal election. In contrast, it feels a little odd to consider that when crossing Old Windsor Road into Kellyville in my daily commute, I am actually leaving Blacktown and entering The Hills. Labor won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in all three areas, ranging from 52.3% in the north to 63.1% in the south. Midtown Greenway. Gorman had previously held Chifley from 1983 until he moved to Greenway in 1984. It fills us with great hope that each of these new citizens will make a tremendous contribution to our local area. The data includes swing - a comparison of the percentage of TCP votes received at the previous federal election compared to the current federal election. Like most of Greenway, I also voted ‘No’ in the 2016 Australian Marriage Law survey. This table is sortable by selecting on column headers. The term 'Previous election' may not relate to actual results from the last event.

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