Required fields are marked *. Don’t stress too much about this recommendation - a tiny bit of sugar isn’t a big deal, so just do your best to limit it. They also are easy to eat and taste good, so they are still a healthy breakfast or snack component. Images and text copyright Amy Palanjian 2019 (except where noted). So, where can you find a healthy children’s cereal? Choose the healthy cereal from our list that you most want to try, and mix it half and half with their favorite cereal. We’ll help you narrow down what to look for in a low sugar kids cereal, and we have an extensive list of the best (and tastiest!) Specialty stores like Whole Foods will also carry many of the cereals listed above. Many hot cereals, especially the instant packet varieties,are loaded with sugar, so below are our top picks for lower-sugar options that are still packed with flavor. Here are my favorites. Fortification of cereal with zinc may promote better absorption from whole grain, high fiber cereals. High fiber cereals can be tricky to track down, as many cereals have very little fiber, and are mostly refined wheat flour. Many cereals contain some of the top allergens: wheat, nuts, corn, dairy, soy - so be sure to check labels to find a cereal that works for you. Just click on the link below to get your free copy! You could try something with a crunchier texture, like Love Grown’s Power O’s, or a cereal that is bigger and might need to be eaten with a spoon, like Mom’s Best Toasted Wheatfuls. What we love about it: Because of its bigger size, it’s easier to eat on the go without making a mess. Nature's Path prides itself in creating sustainable, organic food products, and it hit the mark with this healthy cereal. Be sure to choose the original cheerios - other varieties can be high in sugar. Food dyes: Some kids are more sensitive than others to dyes in food, and many cereals (even those without bright colors) contain artificial food dyes, so be sure to look at the ingredient list if that is something you’re concerned about. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional nutrition advice or treatment. I'm here to help you relax about what your kids eat (and don't!) Because sugar is prevalent in children’s diets, I recommend low sugar cereal options for kids. In this article, you’ll learn what defines a healthy cereal, what to look for, and 25 healthy cereal options for kids you can easily buy at your local grocer. What we love about it: It’s made with 5 different whole grains, and is perfect for little fingers to pick up. Gluten-free: If someone in your family has a gluten intolerance, look for options that are clearly labeled gluten-free or check the ingredient list for specific grains of concern. Another great place to shop is online - Amazon and Thrive Market are a great place to look for healthy children’s cereal, and you can have it shipped right to your door. Many kids love granola because it's crunchy and sweet, and who can blame them? Although cereal has gotten a bad rap over recent years for being too sugary, the truth is, a healthy cereal for kids can be a vehicle for some significant nutrients, particularly iron, zinc, folate, and B vitamins. Here are a few you could try. With the sweetness sitting on the surface, it will taste much sweeter without being loaded with sugar. Read: Constipation in Kids: Quick Relief with Real Foods]. Do I look at the ingredients in cereal? If the cereal your child loves is hovering around 2 grams of fiber per day, then top it with a banana or berries to boost the fiber content. Below are our top picks for the healthiest cereal for toddlers with 1 gram or less of added sugar. No matter which store you shop at, the process of choosing a healthy cereal is the same. Breakfast cereals can be a great source of vitamins and minerals for our children, they often contain whole grains to keep you regular (helloooo fiber! Whole grain cereals will always be made with whole grain ingredients. to 18 grams or more. I get asked about healthy cereal for kids a lot. However, there are critics of food fortification and the potential for nutrient toxicity, especially for vitamin A and niacin. Design and development by Ansley Fones. Iron is added to cereal because it is an essential nutrient for the body to properly function. Check it out! Filder Under:Advice, Breakfast, Nutrition, Snacks, Your email address will not be published. Serve it in a different way. You also have to find a cereal that will appeal to kids. The good news is, there are more and more cereals available now that are great sources of fiber. Any percentage over 20% is deemed a good source of that nutrient. What we love about it: The only ingredient is oats, so it doesn’t have any additives. It is typically made with a combination of rolled oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. TIP: That New England Naturals granola is the first granola I’ve seen without added sugar. Most cereals on their own don’t have a significant amount of protein and fat, so here are some ideas to make your child’s breakfast cereal more complete. In need of some real food remedies for relieving constipation in kids? If I look at the cereal box, can I tell if it’s healthy? Try introducing a new cereal at snack time instead of breakfast, mix the cereal into trail mix, or sprinkle it on top of a bowl of yogurt. I’ve done the homework for you and reviewed 27 different cereals that meet the low sugar, good source of fiber criteria I’ve laid out above. As such, I use a filter when I look at and evaluate the best cereal for kids. Find something kid-friendly. If you have a child under age 2, you’re likely scouting out a healthy cereal for toddlers. Food fortification was done in an effort to alleviate common nutrient deficiencies. Milk - choose a milk that is 2% or whole for a boost of protein and fat. TIP: We sometimes mix these (or any other) sweeter cereals with plainer ones for a fun bowl with a little less sugar. Fortunately, you can easily find cereals made with alternative whole food ingredients such as almond flour, coconut flakes, and flax seeds. What we love about it: For a toddler cereal, it is especially high in protein and fiber. What we love about it: It’s a great high fiber alternative if your kids love cinnamon toast cereal. It’s bigger size makes it ideal for older toddlers to eat. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. Using this chart, you can determine which cereal (s) would be best for your child and family. Cheerios are a common first cereal for little ones, and they can definitely fit in a healthy diet. Breakfast cereals can be a great source of vitamins and minerals for our children, they often contain whole grains to keep you regular (helloooo fiber! Fiber is an important part of a child’s diet, as it lowers risk of chronic disease, and helps keep them feel full. with sane advice and simple, yummy recipes More... Get a FREE copy of my Calcium and vitamin D are often added to cereals. You can also look at bran cereals, though do check the label to make sure you choose one with low sugar too. Why we love it: If you’re a keto diet follower, this is a good choice if you don’t want to buy a separate granola for your kids. The amount of sugar in a serving of cereal is certainly something to consider. Or, break it into small pieces for younger toddlers. Taking a walk down the cereal aisle at your local store might leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. For a refresher on how much sugar children should be eating in their daily diet, read: Simplifying the New Added Sugar Recommendations for Kids. You can serve them dry or softened slightly in milk. When looking for a hot grain or oatmeal for kids, the same tips apply: low sugar, high fiber, and some protein if possible. Then, you can try 100% of the new cereal. Also, they use fruit and vegetable juice to color the berry kix, so it’s a good option if you’re avoiding food dyes. Why limit sugar? Generally, you can see on the front of the cereal box whether a particular cereal is a good source of whole grains by the presence of a whole grain stamp. Simplifying the New Added Sugar Recommendations for Kids. So, zero in on what your kid likes most - do they like cereal with shapes/letters? According to a 2014 systematic review in Advances in Nutrition, breakfast cereals, especially oat-, barley-, or psyllium-based ones can help lower cholesterol concentrations. Fiber is an important part of a child’s diet, as it lowers risk of chronic disease, and helps keep them feel full.4  The good news is, there are more and more cereals available now that are great sources of fiber. You want to look for cereal with 6-9 grams of added sugar or less (note: the sugar we have listed for each cereal below is the added sugar), and 2 grams or more of protein per serving, plus fiber. Here are some of our fiber-packed favorites. Here is our. It’s also free from large clumps and it softens nicely in yogurt and milk, making it a great options for kids. What we love about it: It’s a great cereal for little ones just learning to feed themselves - not only is it easy to pick up, but it’s also low in sugar. Here are some of our top picks! TIP: These cereals are great for breakfast and snack time. Mix their favorite version with a new version. My first filter is the amount of sugar contained in a serving of cereal. This equates to about 2 teaspoons of sugar per serving. A high fiber cereal can help with this issue. It’s recommended that younger babies have cereal with added iron since their iron stores begin to deplete around the age of 6 months. Is the label fairly short? Fortification means that vitamins and/or minerals are added to improve the nutritional quality of the food or to follow mandatory fortification rules, as in the case of folate added to flour and bread products. Enjoy cereal again with macros you love, but with the taste of your childhood favorites! What we love about it: If you have a kiddo who loves maple and brown sugar oatmeal, this kind has added flax and chia for extra fiber and protein. Sane Picky Eating Advice. Getting a source of fiber at the start of the day (or as a snack) through a healthy cereal may help your child meet their fiber requirements. What we love about it: You can satisfy your chocolate-loving child, while knowing you are feeding them a cereal full of fiber and protein. Why we love it: The blend of granola and berries makes it the perfect topping for yogurt. I also remember getting really excited when Cap’n Crunch and Cookie Crisp came to market. I love the Clearly Crafted line from Happy Babies since they have fewer ingredients than most other baby oatmeals AND the ingredients are actually easy to understand. The easiest hot cereal to buy is old-fashioned rolled oats, though any oatmeal can work, even flavored ones that say “unsweetened” on the label.

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