It’s was kind of strange seeing the parking lot absolutely empty! From June 15 - Dec 15, it is the highest paved road in Canada, from Dec. 15 - Jun 15, it is the highest paved road in Canada with a great big GATE across each end of it. Almost exactly 1 hr 30 minutes after we started riding, we reached the summit. I was really thankful the ice pellets only lasted about 5 minutes! Check it out! Thanks for taking me back! From the date of publication, there are two more weekends to do the ride before the gates open for the summer of 2016. Please leave the logos in place! Drive South 50.0km, park at King Creek trailhead or possibly on the road side (not sure if that's legal).South Gate: South of Calgary on Hiway 22 to Longview, AB. Hiking, biking and other adventures (mostly) in the Canadian Rockies. We used to do this ride all the time about 25 years ago! Pingback: Out & About with the GeoKs - Cycling Highwood Pass, 2020 edition, Pingback: Bike & Hike: Highwood Pass and Arethusa Cirque | Out and About with the GeoKs, Pingback: Cycling: Bow River Pathway | Out and About with the GeoKs. NOTE: There is a second winter gate, at the other end of Highwood Pass. Total distance = 39 km (24 miles); 34 km to the summit sign and back It is much nicer when the sun came out. The main reason was that we kept playing a kind of leapfrog, with one riding ahead, then stopping to photograph the other as they approached and then rode on by. spring winter fall summer. Don't be shy, click or touch and drag and see what happens! But when Mr. GeoK suggested we try riding from the winter gates to the summit of the highest paved road in Canada, I was pretty quick to agree to try. Ride to Highwood Pass is a 47.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Kananaskis Improvement, Alberta, Canada that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. Don’t expect solitude! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The next hill was a little steeper, so we took another short break at the 8 km mark. We reached a top speed on the way down of 54 kph!! Please ride/run/ski/board/skate safely and, If you wish to use these images for commercial purposes then please read and comply with. 13.73 km ride with 527 m of climbing, average grade of 3.7 %. Then it was a pretty nice ride, with amazing mountain scenery, lots of ups and a couple of downs, not too bad at all. With our teenage son joining friends for the better part of a day in Kananaskis Country, Mr. GeoK and I had to figure out how best to spend the 4 or 5 hours between dropping K off and then picking him up again. It’s only possible to do it without vehicles on the road for a few weeks each year…from springtime when the snow’s off enough to make it passable and mid-June, when the winter gates open. So off we went. A few people riding road bikes had passed us and were already there when we arrived. But it wasn’t the weather that made our ride down take a little over an hour. But many other cyclists rode by and the sheep kept moving, so we ended up within meters of some of them – a rare treat. Our hybrid bikes with road tires have only 11 gears, which would have made the ride up quite difficult. Please login and have credits (add 1 to get 3) or be a subscriber in order to download GPS. snowshoe hike ski-xc mtn-bike, Seasons: It’s a longer ride, but the elevation gain is more gradual. I’ve torn my ACL and didn’t have my knee brace along, so we did the prudent thing and turned back. And the other reason was that we came upon a herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep licking salt off the road. We were at the summit sign for less than 10 minutes and at least 15 riders either rode up or started back down. And it was kind of chilly; I was glad to switch out my cycling helmet for the toque I’d packed. We were blessed with beautiful... - 86.0 km, +1166 m. Bike ride in Kananaskis Village, Alberta For more on this option, check out this blog post from HikeBikeTravel. But we didn’t get much further than the trailhead because about 5 meters along we encountered a patch of snow roughly 30 cm deep, with plenty more snow on the trail beyond that. Great post! Save this image to your device to share. Copy and paste the code below into your page adjusting the height/width as required. Highwood Pass - 2213m P (highest paved in Alberta) South of Highwood - 1805m, 2003m, 1752m, 1797m HWY 93 Bow Summit - 2088m P Sunwapta Pass - 2035m P Vermilion Pass - 1680m P Fortress Access Road - 2070m HWY 742 Smith Dorien Pass - 1905m White Man's Gap - 1710m Moraine Lake Road - 1905m P Difficulty = moderately challenging, with some extended climbs. The ideal scenario for this bike ride would be a one way trip where you start at the gate nearest Longview, cycle 37 kilometres to Highwood Pass and then descend 17 kilometres on a road with a much steeper grade to the gate by King Creek. Elevation gain = 720 meters (total); 500 meters (net) to the summit sign After a slow and steady climb, we took our first break at about the 5 km mark (I needed to stretch my hamstrings). Long Description: Located in beautiful Kananaskis country in the Canadian Rockies, the Highwood Pass is the highest navigable pass in Canada. The start of the road up to Highwood Pass The best way to do the bike ride up Highwood Pass. But that also means an easy ride back down. Near Longview, it’s about a 45 minute drive from Calgary. My first impulse was a short hike. We figured the ride down wouldn’t take more than about half an hour and since we still had 2.5 hours before it was time to pick up our son, we continued on to the Highwood Meadows Day Use parking lot to enjoy the picnic lunch we’d packed along. But that also means an easy ride back down. Many of our favourite hikes are up in the Highwood Pass area of Kananaskis Country: Arethusa Cirque, Pocaterra Cirque/Ridge and Grizzly Ridge, to name a few. Others came up a few minutes later. In the spring, it is a common destination for bike riders of all shapes and sizes, from knobby MTBs to sleek Cervélos, and even one fold-em-up.The winter has a lot of people skiing and snowshoeing along it and possibly making a loop with Pocaterra trail in the vicinity of Lookout / WhiskeyJack / etc.In the late spring, they typically have to plow the top of it to make it ready for cars, so you can do a gate-to gate of 54km each way for a weekend or two before the opening. Activities: In the four hours we were on the road, we estimate we encountered somewhere around another 100 riders, many on road bikes, some on mountain bikes. Around 11 a.m., we joined more than a dozen vehicles parked along the shoulders of Highway 40 just downhill of the winter gate. This is the Highwood Pass on Hiway 40. In the end, it’s a good thing we opted out of slogging up to the meadow. I’ve read that if this somehow ended up as part of the Tour de France, the length and grade of the final climb to the pass would earn it a Category 1 rating. But it’s not closed to bicycles! Pretty much everyone got a picture with the summit sign, and we were no exception! I’ve read that if this somehow ended up as part of the Tour de France, the length and grade of the final climb to the pass would earn it a Category 1 rating. The summit is just about at the tree line, which means the surrounding area is one of the most accessible alpine areas in the Canadian Rockies. 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Even before it is plowed, many people do it but have to hoof through anywhere from 100 to 3,000m of snow.Other people will park at other places along Hiway 40 well before the gate, say back at K-village or even Canoe Meadows and make a Century out of it.The enclosed tracklog is from the North Gate to the Summit and back, 17.1km each way. North Gate: West of Calgary to Hiway 40. Ride. A little further on the snow changed to ice pellets and we learned that riding into ice pellets at speeds approaching 50 kph makes it seem like you’re riding into a swarm of really angry hornets who want nothing more than to sting your face a thousand times! Over lunch, Mr. GeoK observed that if we hustled, we could continue a bit further south and hike up to the meadow at Arethusa Cirque and still get back in time to collect our son at the appointed time. But you can certainly go on without a tracklog, it would be very difficult to get lost. I had our GPS mounted on my handlebars and started counting off every 10 meters of gain as I geared down a little more and kept on pedaling. We rode our mountain bikes (pumped up the tires more than usual) because they have a lot of gears! It’s an awesome way to see the area. Cold morning. Several riders were just starting their 17 km ride to the summit, but by the time we unloaded our bikes and got ourselves organized, they were well along the first incline.

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