"I hold strong opinions on the purpose of physics, but I had not previously needed to write them down. "The next year, I traveled to Germany after receiving a fellowship and pursued further work on [materials research]," Renaud said. Submit a Manuscript “Research careers” are interpreted by Goldwater to exclude clinical research or research in practice. I think it is also important for applicants to establish lofty goals whether or not they [are selected]. I've been hooked on particle physics ever since. Velasco is one of 15 students at Texas colleges and universities to receive a Goldwater And more importantly, what makes a student application stand out? Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Étude O'Neel-Judy of Northern Arizona University used to despise math and physics. "I sometimes think I learned more during the weeks of my Goldwater application process than I did in an entire year studying at college," he admitted. Students. Dylan Renaud of the New Jersey Institute of Technology was an honorable mention the first time he applied to the Goldwater scholarship his sophomore year. "My ambition to do research with general relativity drove me to ask [my professor] Dave Cole, what math that would require. Here’s the, Note: Nominees will be required to submit their completed Goldwater applications to. ©1995 - 2020, AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY Contributing Correspondent: Alaina G. Levine The Goldwater Scholarship is highly competitive and highly prestigious. “In my current research, a research and development project, this kind of problem While her research is mostly of the pencil and paper variety, not performed in a lab, her passion for pursuing theoretical research steered her goals for the future. "I think students considering applying to Goldwater should be bold and unafraid to discuss their triumphs, as well as the trials they face throughout their journey. The Goldwater Scholarship awards up to $7,500 p.a. © 1956 Each applicant is encouraged to tell the story of their future goals, and explain their research intentions. See FAQs explanation and examples. University in Austin. Virtually all Goldwater Scholars hope to pursue a Ph.D. How does the scholarship benefit applicants beyond funding? //

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