I have 25 beans and wonder if I should make it with more beans to the one bottle or if I should split them into smaller bottles? Hi Manel, thanks for your suggestion. Thanks so much, I am making them for my daughters for Christmas gifts! Now I only have to shake one bottle every day or so and it is looking beautiful! I am a visual learner. Vanilla bean paste is excellent in ice cream. I heard from multiple sources you don’t have to cut or scoop out the vanilla bean caviar to make vanilla extract. I used bourbon for some and vodka for others. Hi Alissa, we like to store it in a cool, dark place like a pantry. Question for you! Love your videos and your recipes, I make them often and enjoyed by everyone in my family. Also, you should do a video on how to make this recipe. Homemade vanilla extract will be your secret ingredient for baking! what size are the avery labels you use to put on the bottles? I am about to make a few batches. Great recipes! I can’t wait to make this vanilla extract. Is this normal? If you click on the number of servings, you can adjust the ingredients up to see what the proportions should be. Hi Meredith, are you using the same brand of labels? Hi Saira, I’ve heard people using glycerine to make it alcohol-free but don’t have any personal experience with that. Est ce qu’on peut avoir les ingrédients en gramme et non pas en tasse SVP ? We are giving these as gifts so we are not happy with the floating black flakes. Hi Natasha, first – i’d like to say I enjoy ALL of your videos; especially the ones with your special guests! Thank you! BTW—love following you!! I followed the instructions perfectly, however at the bottom of my extract bottle, there seems to be a few “fuzzy” objects that look strangely like worms. I am so looking forward to making this. I’ve made your vanilla extract and it was fantastic! Hi Natasha I love your recipes. Thank you! Hi Barbara, I haven’t had that experience. I wasn’t able to find pre-cut circles. 12 kitchen towels for gifting, preferably tea towel style It was a long time ago, and I can’t find the same brand, but it was fine. Hi! It will turn a beautiful amber color when it’s ready to use. Hi Sheri. Can a combination of both tahitian and madagascar vanilla beans be used when making vanilla extract? making the chicken lasagna this weekend,can;t wait! Ready to use that same day. Does it matter when you make the vanilla and let it “ferment” per se the temperature where the bottles are located? Often it’s just vanilla seeds which are part of the charm and taste of homemade vanilla extract. Using the correct proof of vodka would inhibit any kind of growth, but make sure to use very clean bottles for the process. How long can these vanilla extract be kept? When I was preparing the batter, I forgot one of the most important ingredients which was vanilla extract! Thanks Natasha, keep up the excellent work! They could be on the same spot as the herbs and spices. Taste testing is so much fun. How many times can you refill the bottle? He said they were the best I had ever made, and I have to agree. Do you think an amber glass would be better? Also, Grade B are harder to slit down the middle and don’t soften or release color as easily. Then cap the bottle and store it in a cool, dark place. When I swirl the contents there is Vanilla bean sediment present. lol. I’m so glad you found that useful. How to make Homemade Vanilla Extract - it's so easy and only requires 2 ingredients! Hi Brook, I haven’t tried putting beans into the entire bottle, but if you highlight over the servings, you can adjust the recipe to the amount of vodka you have to get the proportions. 48 oz plain vodka* (80 proof works great). I’m experimenting by making your recipe and by making an instant pot recipe. You can actually add more vodka as you use the bottle so you don’t run out. Thank you. Hi Michelle, that is great! Hi Tara, I haven’t had that happen and I suspect it’s from the beans – maybe there is some kind of coating on them or it may be the variety. Those are nice! Do you think I need to increase vanilla bean quantity to just “resting” time?? Looks like you’re going to have to make them over and over again! Hi Liz, sediment on the bottom is normal and there is no need to strain it. Can you share how you do it? I want to say it was either Hobby Lobby or World Market where I bought the cookie cutter but Amazon has great finds also. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Is it supposed to break down as it infuses? Hi BJ, I always have a large jar of vanilla that a refill my smaller jars with. I included links to all of the tools and resources that I used to make these from the sweet little glass bottles on Amazon to the free labels I designed which you can print at home. There is no need to remove them. I’m not sure why it stopped working but it’s corrected now. Everything is perfect, but I find I need another pair of hands for wrapping my bottles! Hi Kathy, it’s best to split the beans to expose the centers. Irish Brown Bread. Thank you for the information! Thank you. I printed out the labels on clear label paper and attached it to the bottle. There is also exactly zero reason why you can't use different alternative techniques for different foods. Can’t recall the brand at the moment but it is out there and delicious (especially sprinkled on fruit salad and left to sit for a few hours). 5 years ago For reasons I can’t recall right now, I used grade B Tahitian Beans but I did use Tito’s vodka and since we have leftover, we can drink it…lol. You should have achieved some coloring by now. I’d love to try this! I noticed that a lot of online vanilla extract recipes don't call for water, but a vanilla-making expert said in a lecture I went to that it's a necessary ingredient. Are the glycerine formulations any good? Isn’t it the perfect gift! Thank you. Do you think it would work if I used the 4 vanilla beans I have in one medium sized glass jar with a metal lid? Also, using just tiny amounts for baking isn’t something I worry about with my kids, especially since most baked goods cook off the alcohol while baking. Her videos are always entertaining and the receipes always great. Love you recipes. That sounds lovely! I am so looking forward to making this for gift but I need the bottles and labels. Love your recipes and videos! Great homemade vanilla extract too! (I followed you recipe exactly.) Not having any available, Once I get the towel wrapped around the bottle, I use tape to secure the sides before I tie the twine. Usually, when 1/4 is gone, I’ll refill it. I just tried it and it just tastes like vodka not vanilla. Small funnel or measuring cup with pouring lip Will these labels still work just wrapped further around the bottle? I've found it serves most common needs for vanilla. Wash and sanitize bottles and lids. It will take much longer to get it’s color if the beans aren’t split. I don’t see why not, just check the proportions of beans to vodka to make sure it will be concentrated enough. I can’t wait to try it! FREE BONUS: 5 Secrets to Be a Better Cook! Or do you leave the vanilla beans in the bottle for the entire time it takes to use up all the vanilla in the bottle? 3. Thanks so much! In the meantime, you can use this Ingredient Weight Chart for help. When I refill my vanilla with vodka, it’s usually after it’s about 1/3 down. Meredith. Should I strain the liquid and return to the bottle or gift as they are? Dee. Everyone commented on how good the vanilla was after they used it. If printing on the labels, make sure your printer is set to 100% and not “fit to page” which make shrink or stretch labels. Place a total of 1 1/2 whole beans in each jar (or 3 split halves). I know you said you refill as you use it but when will i need to buy new beans? I love your vanilla extract recipe and tips. Did I get a bad batch of Vanilla bean? Hi Heidie, an 80 proof vodka is 40% alcohol and 60% water. Thanks! Kay – were you able to find anything close that resembles Natasha’s labels? Should I dump them all out and start over? The vodka is the only alcohol. Hi Natasha! They are SO cute and I can’t find something similiar – yet. These are to be Christmas gifts. Also pieces of the bean are settled on the bottom of the bottle. . The instructions are right on the label so you don’t have to wait that long to gift them ;). Sometimes Costco carries them but I found Amazon to have the best pricing. Julie S. Hi Julie, the ones I buy are from Amazon and I linked to the best ones I have found in the post above. Hi Dee, here’s the link to the free label that I designed. Learning how to make vanilla extract is the easiest thing ever. When I poured the vodka into the bottle a little spilled out and it completely evaporated the ink on the label. Thanks for answering me, and I’m so glad I asked. The other links still work. Hi Mandy, I recommend using the recipe slider to adjust how much you want to make. Made these last Christmas for “girl friend” gifts. Thanks so much! Hi Natasha, I hope you love this recipe. My vanilla has been “brewing“ for a month now and not anywhere near amber. What a unique gift idea! Thanks so much! That has not happened to me before, maybe the ink was not dry yet? My cousin’s wife, Alla, shared this awesome idea with me for gifting homemade vanilla extract and now all my sisters and friends know exactly what they’re getting for Christmas! Hi Sheryl, you would leave the beans in there the entire time. Natasha please help!! Hi There’s also a full visual tutorial on wrapping these in kitchen towels. I just put the final touches on my bottles, as they are all Christmas gifts. Sounds fun and awesome! I hope that makes sense. If you have 40% alcohol, that is the same thing as 80 proof. You can find them here. Hi…once the vanilla is ready – how do you maintain it? If you do try making the vanilla exract with glycerin, be sure to add a bit of water(eg 3 tablespoons water for three ounces of liquor). I love the labels sooo much! Thank you. I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). This is a great idea!!! I am putting this into 2 oz bottles in order to ship more easily to family. Use a funnel or measuring cup to pour vodka to the top of the jar. Make your own! I wasn’t able to find pre-cut circles. I am making six 8oz bottles of your wonderful vanilla extract recipe, do you have an 8oz label template. Cover tightly with lid and let them brew for 2 months, shaking occasionally. I found this is easiest with kitchen scissors.

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