Plate up the biryani and drizzle over the gravy. You could also add star anise and/or allspice if you have them. My food shopping bills have gone through the roof lately, as I’m sure yours have, too. You will find a lot of the flavor for the sauce comes from the spices and the lamb itself anyway. Continuing to browse the website, you agree to our, Pinwheel Chicken with San Daniele Ham and Spaghetti with Grana Padano Cream, Lamb Cutlets with Grana Padano and Herb Crust, Italian Chicken Scallopini with San Daniele Ham, Blackberry and Apple Tarts with Ribena-Plus, Higgidy Chilli Beef Pie with Black Treacle, Wild Rabbit Confit with 30 Cloves of Garlic and Rosemary, Lamb and Chickpea Balls with Watercress and Radish Salad, Chocolate and Salted Caramel Profiteroles, Rabbit with Mustard , Leek and Wild Garlic Sauce. For the marinade: 5 large garlic cloves, crushed. Reserve the gravy for step 8. Heat the gravy on the hob. I normally make biryani often but when I saw Jamie Oliver’s incredible lamb biryani using left over lamb, it inspired me to do a biryani with spinach. Next add the mango chutney and vinegar and mix well. If you make a purchase using one of these links, we may receive a small commission – at absolutely no extra cost to you. During the last 10 minutes of cooking time, re-heat the gravy in a saucepan. Add extra water if it starts to dry. Add the olive oil to a large frying pan and gently cook the garlic, ginger, onions and chilli until soft and divide between two large pans. Lamb Keema Biryani combines two classic Indian dishes: Lamb Keema, which is lamb mince cooked with spices and chilli, and Biryani, which is a well loved Indian dish made with spices, rice, and meat. Two tablespoons of salt, 1 table spoon of chilli powder and splash of water and cook for 10 minutes stirring regularly until it is dark. Serve with fresh coriander and yogurt, if desired. 2 tbsp golden caster sugar. A shop bought stock or even a stock cube will work fine. This leftover lamb curry is inspired by the Jamie Oliver leftover lamb biryani from his TV series Jamie's Money Saving Meals. 4. This won’t even taste like a leftovers meal. Even if you rarely have anything leftover from your family lunches, I think it’s worthwhile investing in an extra large cut or joint of meat so that you DO end up with leftovers. 14oz / 400g leftover lamb, shredded or chopped into small pieces. Meanwhile, heat oil in a large deep, frying pan on medium-high heat and brown the lamb all over, in batches if necessary. Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas 4 and cook the biryani for 30 mins until piping hot. Remember that the rice will continue to cook when you put the dish in the oven, so it only needs to be 70% cooked before then. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To do this, you will need two separate saucepans - one to cook the spinach, and the other to make the lamb. Serve with fresh coriander and yogurt, if desired. Add chicken and cook until the meat is cooked. 8. Do not skip this step! Come share in the cooking fun as I search for recipes for easy family dinners, lunch box fillers, baking, cookies, cakes and more. 5. During this final 20 minutes, re-heat the gravy ready for pouring over the top. Home » Family Dinners » Leftover Lamb Biryani. In each chapter he has a primary ingredient – which he calls the ‘mothership’ – from which he makes a family meal. All what you will find here is completely free. Serve with the gravy poured over the top, sprinkle with some chopped cilantro leaves and a side of yoghurt or raita. But more of those another time. For this biryani lamb recipe, I have included cardamoms, cinnamon and cloves. 2 onions, diced. Add the lamb mixture to the pan. Add half the onion/garlic/ginger mixture to each pan. Although this recipe may seem long, and there are a few parts to it, when you break it down, it's actually pretty simple. Two outstanding dishes combined into one company worthy casserole. Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas 4 and cook the biryani for 30 mins until piping hot. I roasted it in the traditional way (with garlic, rosemary, lemon) last Sunday and was left with 250g of juicy meat with which to make this fantastic flavourful Lamb Biryani. Grease a baking/lasagna dish and spread half the rice over the bottom of the dish. 7. 1 tbsp sea salt. 125ml natural yogurt. The post Jamie Oliver-inspired Leftover Lamb Biryani appeared first on Reluctant Housedad's Recipe Shed. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Add the curry powder and stir through for 1 min. Strain the lamb stew through a sieve into a small saucepan to give you a rich thick gravy. Granted 5.0 stars based on 1 user evaluation. Grease a large baking/lasagna dish and spread out half the rice in the bottom of the dish. Looking for more leftover curry recipes? But I have tweaked it over the years and also had a little input from some Indian friends on the best way to cook basmati rice for a biryani that I put into practice here. This is by no means essential and don't stress if you don't have these spices in your store cupboard. Season with salt & pepper and set aside. If you can't get basmati rice, then you could substitute with another long grain rice, but be aware that it could result in a stickier consistency. To do this place the lamb bone in a stock pot with some water, maybe an onion, carrot and stick of celery and some herbs and let it bubble away for a couple of hours. Then put it in a bowl with water and soak it for 30 minutes. 6. 2 tsp powdered turmeric. Do not skip this step! Stir to combine. The second thing you can do to prevent mushy rice is to make sure you don't overcook it. So I’m on a mission to save a few quid by making meals stretch further. Add the flour and stir through, then cook for 2 mins to cook out the rawness. Now remove the foil from the dish and continue to cook for a further 20 minutes. living in the west with values of the east, List of Nepali bloggers and blogs about Nepal, Jamie Oliver inspired chicken and spinach oven baked biryani, List of Nepali bloggers and blogs about Nepal, Nominations open for NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2018, 2 x thumb-sized pieces of fresh ginger, peeled and crushed, 4 tablespoon biryani masala (use curry powder if not available). In the other saucepan, you cook the spices, flour and mango chutney together with the lamb and stock until you have a nice thick sauce. The principle of the book is simple: reduce food waste by getting creative with leftovers. Once your rice is prepared and set aside, you can make the lamb. Stir in the mango chutney, the vinegar, then the lamb. The rice should be almost cooked, but not quite. In fact, for a couple of recipes I tried this week, I bought a half shoulder of pork for the sole intention of making both. I actually usually use my homemade chicken bone broth for this recipe. 3. Cook over a medium heat for around 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. followed by all the meat, then the rest of the rice. Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas 4 and cook the biryani for 30 mins until piping hot. Cook the rice and rinse under cold water and drain. H.Forman Smoked Salmon with Homemade Bagels. In another pan, add the biryani masala, remaining chili powder and stir through for 1 min. Step 5 – Add the stock, and allow to heat until just boiling.Turn down the heat until the liquid is simmering, cover with the lid and put the dish in the oven.. 1 green bird’s eye chilli, deseeded and finely chopped. I make up a big batch of this every couple of weeks so I always have some in my fridge or freezer ready to use.

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