Trotz der Enddiagnose arbeitete Cazale mit seinem romantischen Partner Meryl Streep zusammen mit Robert DeNiro , Christopher Walken und John Savage in The Deer Hunter weiter . He was 42; the cancer had spread to his bones. [3] A film documentary tribute to Cazale, I Knew It Was You, was screened at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, featuring interviews with Al Pacino, Steve Buscemi, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, Gene Hackman, Richard Dreyfuss, Francis Ford Coppola, and Sidney Lumet. the emotional depth in it,” said the director. Sidney Lumet declared: While achieving success in film, Cazale's commitment to the stage continued. Partner: Meryl Streep (1976–1978; his death), See the events in life of John Cazale in Chronological Order. Cazale reprised his role in Line in a 1971 production at the Theatre De Lys (now the Lucille Lortel Theatre). "[25][26], Cazale's final stage appearance was on April 29, 1977, in the title role of Agamemnon at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre. "[22] For his role as Sal he was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. 1974 wiederholte er seine Rolle als Fredo Corleone, der jetzt erheblich erweitert wurde, in The Godfather Part II . In this candid and insightful interview, Rodriguez and Coppola discuss Coppola's epic career tracing his early filmmaking inspirations back to childhood. The film's screenwriter Frank Pierson said "the film had been cast with many of the actors that Al Pacino had worked with in New York, including John Cazale, who was a close friend and collaborator in The Godfather. Co-star Dominic Chianese said: "John could open up his heart, so it could be hurt. “She was very anxious to do her very last scene and then zip back out,” director Marvin Chomsky said. He appeared in five films over seven years, all of which were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture: The Godfather (1972), The Conversation (1974), The Godfather Part II (1974), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), and The Deer Hunter (1978), with the two Godfather films and The Deer Hunter winning. In May 1975, he returned to the Charles Playhouse to support Pacino in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. He’s the acting equivalent of that cool indie band none of your friends have heard of, the obscure writer who influenced the best-sellers of his day. Er war eine Erfindung, eine kleine Perfektion. As foil to Gene Hackman in The Conversation, he was radiated a stricken intensity. (The Conversation ultimately lost out to…The Godfather Part II.). Movies filmed in New York City that tapped into the turmoil, chaos, and social and cultural energies of the late 1960s and early 1970s are the subject of the screening series Fun City: New York in the Movies 1967-75, curated by film critic and historian J. Hoberman. But I could venture a guess, certainly. Zum Teil lag es an seinem Engagement für das Schauspielhandwerk." "[24] In 1976, ten years after their first collaboration, Cazale and Pacino appeared together for the final time in the Public Theatre's production of The Local Stigmatic. In May 1975, he returned to the Charles Playhouse to support Pacino in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. [2] Reviewing his performance as George Gibbs in Our Town, critic Jean Pierre Frankenhuis said "[Cazale's] portrayal is absolutely stupendous, hilarious, touching, thrilling. To Streep, he was "monomaniacal", which had an effect on his co-stars, who were then "challenged to take their own games up a notch". In his memory, a documentary film titled ‘I Knew It Was You’ was screened at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. “In an Italian family, there are always brothers who are made fun of…. Cazale wurde bald zu einem der führenden Charakterdarsteller Hollywoods , angefangen mit seiner Rolle als zum Scheitern verurteilter, schwachsinniger Fredo Corleone gegenüber dem langjährigen Freund Al Pacino in Francis Ford Coppolas Film The Godfather , seiner Fortsetzung von 1974, und Dog Day Afternoon . John Cazale ist der einzige Schauspieler, dessen Spielfilme, in denen er auftrat (5), für den Oscar für das beste Bild nominiert wurden. Michael Cimino, the director, supported by the cast, refused to back down. ), američki filmski i kazališni glumac čija se kratka karijera rastegla kroz nekoliko visoko cijenjenih filmova iz sedamdesetih. Jeder war immer in seiner Nähe, weil er eine sehr sympathische Art hatte, sich auszudrücken." John Cazale was in a relationship with actress Meryl Streep from 1976 till his death. Seine einzige große Filmschauspiel Anerkennung kam 1976, als er für eine Nominierung Golden Globe als Bester Nebendarsteller für Hundstage . Cazale was offered the role of ‘Salvatore Naturale/Sal’ in the film ‘Dog Day Afternoon’, directed by Sidney Lumet. Opposite De Niro in The Deer Hunter his minimalist style conveyed multitudes. The series, which will be accompanied by a new monograph written by Hoberman, includes nineteen films, and will be presented by Museum of the Moving Image from August 10 through September 1. Sein Leben und seine Karriere wurden in dem Dokumentarfilm I Knew It Was You unter der Regie von Richard Shepard vorgestellt , der beim Sundance Film Festival 2009 Premiere hatte . The theatre is co-named for Cazale and his friend, the actor Walter McGinn, who had died in a car accident in 1977. “They were lovely in their way, but it was a really quirky couple. He made one of his first appearances there in the Equity Library's production of Sidney Howard's Paths of Glory. Der Boston Globe fragte: "Warum war Cazale so einflussreich? This will be Ratner's first involvement with the Oscar show; Mischer will for the second year in a row serve as a producer and as the telecast director. Lumet, though, found the camera inexorably drawn to the supporting character. Shortly afterward, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Despite being a brilliant actor, John Cazale did not win any major awards in his short-lived career. Streep was in her mid-20s and struggling to win stage parts. Armed with a sound background in theatre, Meryl moved to New York City and was cast in Measure for Measure opposite John Cazale, fourteen years her senior and already a respected theatre and film actor. He did two plays for Joseph Papp. And not just in this movie, but in Godfather II also.[23]. I don't know where it came from; I don't believe in invading the privacy of the actors that I work with, or getting into their heads. Richard Benjamin received the award instead for his work in The Sunshine Boys. Upon graduation, Cazale worked as a cab driver, as he started his theatrical career at the Charles Playhouse, appearing in Hotel Paradiso and Our Town in 1959. Of those, three – The Godfather, The Godfather Part II and The Deer Hunter  – won. Search where John Cazale and . As the sidekick to Al Pacino’s bank-robber in Dog Day Afternoon (1975) his twinkling anguish is crucial to the film’s harrowing tone. [4], All five of the films that he starred in would later be selected for preservation in the U.S. National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.[36].

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