are so prolific for the family. There was clearly blood splatter from the beating on the walls and on the risers of the stairs. Police Claim Man’s Sexuality May Have Been Motive For Him To Kill Wife – How Does He Respond? Agreed that is why he said he was innocent because he is but covering for son, good dad. No amount of fishy officials/expert witnesses can change the actual physical and blood evidence. How in the name of whoever can anyone be honestly convicted on real evidence. A poor lower class convict would be serving life without parole for 2 murders! Nonetheless, in the end, there was just too much evidence against Michael Peterson. Released with time served on an Alford plea because of a lying expert witness. It’s not the documentaries doing that he is free, he had good representation, the original DA lady was a clown, and he could be innocent. In sum, contrary to your implication, discredited forensic evidence post hoc by no means necessarily undermines a guilty verdict but may cause it to be re-examined to determine if it could reasonably have disadvantaged the defendant, and if so, a retrial ensures. Why do we keep hearing about Deaver telling lies ??? She confronted Michael about cheating on her, there was an argument, and he beat her to death with a fireplace implement, they alleged. Please. Evidence of prior failed allegations against others should be considered under appeal per the issue of vexatious litigiousness (sometime related to mental ill-health). And as if the trial needed more sordidness, Brad the hooker was called to the stand, where he congenially answered the prosecutor’s questions about his services. But Michael hit a rough patch when he decided to run for mayor of Durham. Wow, had no idea this nut job was out and about. MP’s timeline of 12-18,19 do not line up. Also, documentary aside, MP was convicted, spent time in prison, then was released by the justice system. The Final Straw! The couple threw dinner parties for dozens of friends at their spread, which included a swimming pool with decorative fountains. The bloody footprint on Kathleen’s body, the blood spatter on the inside of his shorts and the clean-up attempt are enough to show without a reasonable doubt that he was there when the murder occurred. The strongest basis for acquittal – and one’s expectation of such – is innocence. It was entirely reasonable that the prosecution would use the earlier’s circumstances to throw light on the later’s…. We aren’t in a position to sit in judgement of the jury’s decision as we weren’t in court and didn’t see and hear what they did. He did find himself a post-lockup girlfriend, however, in one of the editors of The Staircase. WHY WASN’T CATHLEEN’S BODY TEMPERATURE TAKEN AT THE SCENE TO ESTIMATE THE APPROXIMATE TIME OF DEATH? Thank you for pointing this out! I believe in his innocence due to no physical murder weapon, no times of death, no due diligence for crime scene etiquette, and just for the state fishing off of opinions…how do you beat someone to death in the same spot and not crack the skull??? She fell down the stairs with a stick of dynamite attached to her head. For this reason most fail: a conviction is unforthcoming. Michael Peterson says on the night of December 9, 2001, he walked into his home and found his wife, Kathleen, lying at the bottom of a staircase, covered in blood. How do you know he didn’t have a lawyer present? The trial infuriated me. There was blood all over the place. Kathleen might have fallen down the stairs while struggling to extricate herself from the bird of prey’s talons, they opined. Extremely regrettably the innocent are sometimes convicted – sometimes with the malfeasance of the police and/or prosecutor, though many more who are guilty are likely acquitted (or never indicted in the first place) – not that that makes anything better for the innocent. Although testing would later confirm that Kathleen had some alcohol in her system, it was nowhere near the stagger and face-plant level. I’m thankful that criminal outcomes aren’t determined by documentaries – in particular those watching them thinking they know better than judge and jury…. He's out. Conflict So Big it Needs a Dr. Phil Solution? We can, of course, only know it’s happened after the fact, and as a proportion of all convictions those shown to be wrongful, for whatever reason, are small. Margaret, Martha, Todd, and Clayton also believe the justice system failed their father. The average person doesn’t stand a chance. after the prosecution wanted a retrial. The blood is evidence of attack, no matter the apparent absence of a weapon. Michael hadn’t generated any income in two years, and Kathleen was the mainstay. Watch his eyes & facial expressions. Right you are. It is no surprise to me that most of the kids, who were totally under his control their whole life, couldn’t believe one second he did it. But public interest in the case didn’t really explode until the following year, when Netflix expanded and updated a documentary by French director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade to create a 13-part bingefest called The Staircase. But I at least hoped that he would be more skeptical than Lestrade. Overall, a lackluster showing from Dr Phil, and the usual manipulative blather from guilty Mike. Are you for real? The police were out to get him because he criticized them in columns he wrote for the Herald-Sun before Kathleen’s death, he told Dateline. Sociological errands. His motives are forthrightly clear, money, money, money. But there was one circumstance that Michael Peterson couldn’t explain away. Those who effectively choose to represent themselves do indeed have a fool for a client… The comment the above was made in response to is breathtakingly foolish for the obvious fact that some are proven to be wrongly convicted of the worst crimes, including because of what they said – or were coerced into saying – to police that a competent lawyer would have prevented or advised against. Usually the first, and simplest, explanation is correct. What 2 dead wives? Everything about him is false: his theatrical personality type instead of simply being natural, his false war stories, his private gay liaisons, his pretence of being a successful author, his whole life has been an act. Phil also suggested Mike's appearing to lie (read: actual lies) in the documentary series may have been impacted by the presence of cameras. DNA TEST MICHAEL & ADOPERTED DAUGHTER MARGRET will solve this CASE!! So what about the owl? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. No mention that Deaver and his blood testimony was all lies leading to his firing from the SBI .. found over 40 cases where he made up evidence or withheld evidence including this case … beyond a reasonable doubt!

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