365 sets of writing prompts and exercises, My latest short story collection – released June 2018. You can to subscribe Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special story magazine or buy single back copies if you’ve missed an issue. So, I was deciding what to do with this blog, and it occurred to me that "My Weekly Fiction" is the teeniest bit vague. They can be phenomenal inspiration or kill creativity. I could hear my father watching TV in the living room; a news anchor predicted that the high temperature for the day likely wouldn't peak above 75 degrees. Not overly sunny morning with birds chirping as a cruel dose of dramatic irony, nor as dark and dismal as a day like that should have been. Your No 1 short story magazine has another great selection of terrific tales to transport you to another realm. She deserved better. Other days, I find myself brimming with passion for something, and it doesn't particularly matter what. Tears came and went; the day passed in a haze. They seemed real, sure, but the events were insane. It's a fanfiction from when I was eleven or twelve. A new editor for a new decade too. If I'm incredibly lucky, someone will enjoy reading this. In those times I need to write something, anything, but I'm completely uninspired for my current projects and I have no ideas for new ones. I hope you enjoy my beautifully flawed writing. Thanks for commenting. @ Rosemary and Carrie – You're welcome! Aside from being good for a few laughs, it reminds me of how far I've come since then. The fiction editor at the time was Liz Smith, and I remember thinking, “I want her job.” I had to wait 32 years! Congratulations to her. It's absolutely atrocious. Thanks for the update Patsy. My Weekly Fiction Friday, March 4, 2016 A Thought on Prompts I have a strong love-hate relationship with writing prompts. I wholeheartedly apologize; it will probably happen again. Hey, so I skipped a couple of weeks. However, I know that blogging will make me a bit more accountable for keeping up-to-date on various things I'm writing. She would clarify, add details, with a fond expression on her face. Not to say that I didn't love her, but she was a normal grandma. The diaries which had led us to late night conversations until nursing home staff. And I would wish, not for the last time, that she was here for me to ask my many questions. I know I just posted something yesterday, but after a few weeks of radio silence I need to make up for the lost time. To be honest, during the past two years alone I've grown and changed (for better and for worse) more than any other point in my life for a multitude of reasons. Patsy Collins' blog for words about writing and writing about words. It's about a girl who is Voldemort's daughter, and she makes it her life mission to protect Harry Potter from death eaters. This piece of history comes from about six years ago, and despite the utter lack of skill I find myself highly nostalgic rereading it, spelling mistakes and all. My career started in 1979 in My Weekly when we all had to read fiction manuscripts and write a crit of them. Inside were the leather-bound notebooks with the yellowing pages. myself in the stories, get to know historical figures described with a firsthand account. Insecure Writers Support Group, November Movie Releases, Book Sale, and New Books! The new My Weekly fiction editor has been appointed. How to find magazine submission guidelines, or anything else on this blog. No changes to the submission process have been announced – I'll let you know This is just a place for me to talk about what I'm doing with my life as a part-time (and as of now unpaid) writer each week. Knitters should…, Having trouble working out what the abbreviations mean on knitting…, Technical Knitting Editor, Tina Egleton, has compiled this informative guide…, 14 reasons why knitters make the BEST partners, How To Knit: Understanding basic knitting abbreviations, Everything you need to know about knitting needles, The benefits of tea: how a cup can work wonders on your wellbeing, 5 things you should be doing for a healthier, happier heart, Expert tips for looking after your teeth if you’ve not seen the dentist during lockdown, How To: Make a butterfly cushion cover with a die cutter, Learn crochet from the start – how to hold your hook and yarn, Knitting Help: How to pick up a dropped stitch, Join our ‘Knit-A-Long’ and make a beautiful patchwork knitted blanket, How To Make A Dress: How to cut fabric with a paper pattern. It was partially cloudy, not quite. We admire and love poets and memoirists, but can’t accept poetry or life writing. :), It was not a special day. It's all a big lie. Our writers have such great story-writing skills and wonderful imaginations – they never fail to come up with new twists and turns and unexpected plots. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the latest copy of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special then you can download it for your device at the following links and you’ll be able to access all the lovely patterns straight away! We have mystery, romance, humour and so much more. Absolutely unbelievable. but certainly not bright. Then I'll Google prompts and take one to write a short piece about. I could. Susan, previously celebrity editor, takes over from Karen Byrom who retired … She baked cookies with us, and sometimes made off-color jokes which seemed a bit crass for someone her age, but she was just a sweet, funny old lady. Waking my parents would be too difficult; knowing they could never know the truth about my grandmother, knowing they'd laugh in my face if I tried to tell them, was impossible to cope with even enacting scenarios in my head. They say that carrying a part of the lost loved one with you is supposed to relieve some of the pain, give some comfort. After eight years on My Weekly, I moved around the different magazines, working on features and fiction on Annabel and

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