File Size: 890 Kb 1. Download More Engineering Books. gas pipe sizing Submersible pumps are designed to prevent pump cavitation. PIPESPANS is a spreadsheet program written to determine the maximum stress and deflection of a pipe. Download AutoCAD Fonts Library - Free SHX Fonts, Download McQuay Duct Sizer for HVAC Duct Sizing, Download Free Arabic and Kufi SHX AutoCAD Fonts, Download Free AutoCAD Blocks for HVAC Design, Download ASHRAE Heat Load Calculation Excel Sheet XLS, HVAC Duct Size Calculator Excel - Free Ductulator, Carrier HAP 5.1 - Hourly Analysis Program. K-factor editor of the local pressure loss. Three spreadsheet for free download with direct links. Spam Comments Will Be Deleted. A Black iron T1 and T2 pipes (traditional use), 10 LPG - Propane-air mixure 7,5 (6,5 Th/m3), 11 LPG - Propane-air mixure AP 15,7 (13,5 Th/m3), 13 Natural gas standard L (Low) GDF (northern area of France), 14 Natural gas standard H (High) GDF (France except North), 17 Natural gas of Algeria (Mounting block), Pounds per square foot (lbf/sq ft) = 47.88026 Pa, Psi (Pound per square inch (lbf/sq. giving access to the various procedures, boxes of calculations and File Size: 1.93 Kb 1. I have bookmarked your website because this site contains valuable information in it. done, that is to say: All the cells of calculation in purple are programmed. document.write(document.lastModified); The temperature of the gas conveyed (see: list gas below), The nature of the various types of materials used (steel pipeline, This calculation program on Excel makes it possible to dimension and carry out the calculation of the pressure losses on the distribution systems of combustible gas use such as for example for the gas feeding of generators of heat. This calculation program on Excel makes it possible to dimension Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. copper, PVC, built walls, etc.). It applies to all the types of pipes and particularly holds account operating conditions and specific characteristics on the pipes… Pagos, Inc. You will not be able to recover this file! HydroTherm: Pipe sizing program for distribution systems of heat such as hot water supply or overheated water. Water pipe sizing excel calculator for HVAC chilled water systems is submitted below download it for free. Engineering Health Technical Memorandum series provides best practice PsychroSI: Calculation program for the humid air. Swimming pools calculation. BOQ Bill of Quantity and Cost Sheets for  MEP Projects Excel Sheet, Excel Calculator For Power Factor Correction, NEMA Motor Data Calculator Based on the 2011 NEC, Total HVAC Calculations in One Excel Sheet, BOQ Bill of Quantities and Cost Sheets for MEP Projects Excel Sheet, Electrical Panel Load Calculations Excel Sheet, HVAC Spreadsheet Calculations and Free Psychrometric Software Excel Sheet, HVAC- Load Calculation Check Least (Based on the AIRAH Handbook 3rd Edition), Linx Duct Friction Calculator Excel Sheet, ASRAE 90.1 Kadj Calculation Tool Excel Sheet, Residential Load Calculations Spreadsheet.

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