If you are using a jigging style lure, then you should lift and drop your rod repeatedly as it is being retrieved. Low tide appears to be very productive for some locations, while a flood tide can push a big school of fish inshore at certain spots. This is a fishing rod used to cast repeatedly, so a long stick would result in a pair of rather sore arms by the end of the outing, especially if no fish are caught. Race Point just north of Campbell River was another most excellent shore fishing place. Copyright © 2019 Coastal Island Fishing. You can start looking for salmon on your local beaches a few weeks before they are expected to return to their natal streams. Even my little Cape Gurney has been infected by spreading suburbia and it is no longer possible to fish from shore there without trespassing through someone`s backyard. Abundance of jumpers does not necessarily translate into good fishing results. Fishing was usually slow but I caught more than a few good fish. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. We were hiking the The Life and Times of a Rare Biologist Guy, My Days in the BC Fish and Wildlife Branch, Red McKim and the Great Sheep Creek Volcano Hunt. I was almost glad because I never could have landed the giant. In most years, at least half the run would be in by now. Keep your rod tip close to the water surface so you have plenty of room to raise the rod when needed. I gradually discovered other places to catch salmon on the fly from shore. And one of Victoria`s most popular fisheries is at Ten Mile Point where you could often find a dozen or more anglers chucking lures for salmon especially in the winter months. Fish with the best guides in Campbell River. It is a popular spot for fishermen, and they were all very happy to have a chat and talk of the ones that got away. Evidently, some of it was heavy enough to snag a diver. We are River Sportsman, a Campbell River based outdoor store and online shop. When the young herring of the year are near shore in June, the feeder springs often come right into the beaches and coves to chase them down. Your Campbell River Salmon Fishing Guide, Coastal Island Fishing of Campbell River, B.C, Vancouver Island, Canada offers year round Salmon Fishing for Chinook Salmon {King – Tyee}, Coho Salmon {Silvers}, Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Chum Salmon, Prawns & Dungeness Crab. I’ve tried Otter Point and Beechy Head, Ogden Point Breakwater, Golf Links Point, Saanichton Bay Spit, Powder Point and Jack Point near the Duke Point Ferry Terminal where some really large Nanaimo River Chinooks hold before entering The salmon burst into a school of herring fry stunning a number of them then circle back and pick off the stragglers. They would Freshwater spinners are also commonly used for coho salmon, but additional weights are needed on the line to achieve the casting distance required. Beach salmon fishing can be done near many towns along the East Coast of Vancouver Island such as Port Hardy, Port McNeil, Campbell River, Qualicum Beach. Did not catch anything, but watching the sunset, while fishing was so relaxing. Fifty pounders have been taken at Jack Point. Unless the trend to move the city to the country is tempered, many more cherished shore fishing locales will be degraded or lost to suburban blight. Its a lovely old fashioned wooden pier with great views out to sea. Because of our central location on Vancouver Island we have access to some of the best sport fishing on the BC coast. CHECK OUT THE SAVINGS ON OUR CURRENCY CONVERTER! A spinning or baitcasting reel which has the capacity to be spooled with at least 8lb test monofilament line is best. These species migrate and spawn at different and somewhat over lapping times of the year. I was casting a Stingsilda and the strike nearly yarded my arms from their sockets. Baitfish leaping out of the water can be an excellent sign, because it suggests salmon are feeding below the surface. Our reputation comes from experience and dedication..90% client return rate. I drove north to French Creek at first light looking for jumpers or finning fish but there were none. Divers told me it was a dangerous place for them because of the numerous hunks of line snagged on the rocks. Lure selection should also take the water depth into account. Quite often fish are feeding pretty far from shore, so you should have a setup which allows you to cast fairly far. Fish in the finest boat around, warmth and luxury, quality seating, full on board washroom facilities with flush toilet, a boat so stable in any conditions you will probably want to buy one once you leave. I had two followers on the first cast and the second cast yielded a strike right at the rod tip. Always keep an eye out for big waves approaching shore, you do not want to be hit by a surprising bath. I sometimes went out with a big spinning rod and a small crocodile and once caught a beautiful twenty pound Chinook at Cormorant Point with Rob Falls. Wonderful place to rent a rod....cast a line... and chat with other fishers. All rights reserved. Our privacy policy and terms & conditions. Join us for a first class Saltwater Salmon and Halibut fishing adventure. Transport Canada Certified, fully licensed and insured A fixed weight is usually tied to the end of the main line, followed by 2 to 3 feet of leader, which is tied to the spinner. It can either be a spinning or baitcasting rod, but the rating of the rod should be at least between 6lb and 10lb test. Campbell River BC Salmon Fishing Charters. Over fishing of both adults and young has also aided the decline. Go here, Our reputation comes from experience and dedication, Feel The Rush TV fishing with Coastal Island Fishing Adventures in Campbell River BC. license. The best spin casting day happened on July first 1970 on Hornby Island. RAR and the ALR may not be enough to stem the tide of housing and pavement. This greatly appealed to me because I don`t care for large boats and all the other paraphernalia that salmon anglers seem to require and I couldn`t afford them anyway. Cruising fish will show the dorsal part of their body occasionally, this is especially true for pink salmon. Pack a lunch – Pack a drink ( we can’t provide alcohol but you can BYOB ). There are plenty of decent places around the Island shores and many more to be discovered especially on the west coast. Thinner lines allow you to cast further but are more easily cut by rocks and other debris. Another good alternative is to spool your reel with braided fishing line. Unlike casting a lure in a river, the key to beach fishing is casting distance. Big springs patrolled the kelp edges looking for bait fish and it usually wasn`t long before one grabbed a shore angler`s offering. These fish have most likely been targeted repeatedly so they have seen most lures. Karen was great.. lots of advice ... ice cream was tasty and the boat dock were open so we could walk around and get up close views of hundreds of working boats. A good drag system is also advantageous to handle the abrupt runs by these strong fish. Productive beaches are usually near a stream where salmon are expected to return. Enjoyable Spot with the Cleanest Washrooms in Cambell River! Maintain the tension of your line so you can strike as soon as a bite is felt. Timing plays a huge role on beach salmon fishing success. Loobus came very close to catching a couple. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Canada. Many good places have been needlessly impacted in the past. These conditions often put the fish deep and offshore on the Vancouver Island side of the strait. Thicker lines are tougher but your casting distance can be compromised. There were none and very little water. It was a clear day and Georgia Strait was a lake of dark blue glass. They can be very close to shore if undisturbed and wading can spook them easily. No pets or smoking on the pier. Almost every dock, wharf Coho salmon are found along beaches in September and October, with the exception of early runs such as the Capilano River stock, which can be found along beaches of West Vancouver in July and August. Because they are always hungry, luring them should not be a problem. Popular known locations for freshwater fishing in this region are the previously mentioned Quinsam River and the Campbell River, right close to town. It wasn’t much of a creek or estuary and the water was almost black from twisting through cedar swamps but the fish were so plentiful that it was hard to believe. The fish boiled and thrashed once and was gone. As you walk along there are a lot of fishing seats along the pier many with plaques on them and it was very interesting to read all of the dedications. Perhaps my favourite form of shore fishing is prospecting the beaches, spits and estuaries with a fly rod or light spinning gear for sea run cutthroats. Along with spin casters, there were some expert anglers who fished small herring with a float like a steelhead drift fisherman. But I stopped at Englishman River Spit on my way down Island and was amazed to see numerous jumpers within easy casting range.

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