The saints of old saw him, appearing through the sacrifices and ceremonial institutions. I am a rose of Sharon, a lily [growing] in the valleys. (8-13) Christ's care of the church, Her faith and hope. How much better is it with the soul when sick from love to Christ, than when surfeited with the love of this world! I am a flower of the plain, a lily of the valleys. Applicable to the first manifestations of Jesus Christ, "the true Vine," both to the Church and to individuals; as to Nathanael under the fig tree ( John 1:48 ). I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. The first risings of sinful thoughts and desires, the beginnings of trifling pursuits which waste the time, trifling visits, small departures from truth, whatever would admit some conformity to the world; all these, and many more, are little foxes which must be removed. I am the rose of Sharon, And the lily of the valleys. (w) The rose, by the Arcadians, was called that is, "sweet-smelling", Timachidas apud Athenaei Deipnosophist. (1-7) The hope and calling of the church. He saith, the lily of the valleys, because they grew and flourished best in such low and waterish grounds. So Jesus Christ, though now withdrawn, the bride feels sure will return to His favorite resting-place ( Solomon 7:10 , Psalms 132:14 ). Psalm 128:3). Loving reassurance given by Jesus Christ to the bride, lest she should think that He had ceased to love her, on account of her unfaithfulness, which had occasioned His temporary withdrawal. She awakes, and at once recognizes His voice ( 1 Samuel 3:9 1 Samuel 3:10 , John 10:4 ); her sleep is not so sinfully deep as in Solomon 5:2 . . l. 21. c. 5. Song of Solomon 2:1 (TMB) Night--is the image of the present world ( Romans 13:12 ). I [am] a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys. Jesus Christ interposes the shadow of His cross between the blazing rays of justice and us sinners. turn--to me. Sanhedrin 2:4, of the king: if he reclines at table, the Tra must be opposite him). In the first visits at the palace, she was self-conscious and unsure of her appearance and worth. the time of . The order of the clauses is reversed in Solomon 6:3 , when she is riper in faith: there she rests more on her being His; here, on His being hers; and no doubt her sense of love to Him is a pledge that she is His ( John 14:21 John 14:23 , 1 Corinthians 8:3 ); this is her consolation in His withdrawal now. I am a rose in the Plain of Sharon, a lily in the valleys. (u) Ainsworth, Brightman, Vatablus; Cocceius; Michaelis. Song of Solomon 2:1. Song of Solomon 2:1 (KJV) Song of Solomon 2:1 (WYC) CHAPTER 2. I'm like a lily in the valleys." I [am] the rose of Sharon, [and] the lily of the valleys. The benefits which the church receives from him, Song of Solomon 2:3. Love, too, shall be the keynote of the "new song" hereafter ( Isaiah 35:10 , Revelation 1:5 , 14:3 , 19:6 ). . foxes--generic term, including jackals. But the "house of wine" ( Solomon 2:4 , Margin) favors "flagons"; the "new wine" of the kingdom, the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Bether--Mountains of Bithron, separated from the rest of Israel by the Jordan ( 2 Samuel 2:29 ), not far from Bethabara, where John baptized and Jesus was first manifested. Song of Solomon 2:1, CSB: "I am a wildflower of Sharon, a lily of the valleys." Of these, the Irises may claim the first mention; and Dr. Thomson (Land and Book, p. 256) unhesitatingly fixes on one, which he calls Huleh Lily, or the Lily of the Gospel and of the Song of Songs. I [am] the rose of Sharon, [and] the lily of the valleys. ] I'm just a wildflower picked from the plains of Sharon, a lotus blossom from the valley pools. GESENIUS translates the Hebrew from a different root, "the refuges." So Jacob amid the stones of Beth-el ( Genesis 28:11-19 ); Moses at Horeb ( Exodus 3:1-22 ); so Elijah ( 1 Kings 19:9-13 ); Jesus Christ with the three disciples on a "high mountain apart," at the transfiguration ( Matthew 17:1 ); John in Patmos ( Revelation 1:9 ). I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys. of shôshan, or shûshan; comp. So John the Baptist, spiritually. l. 21. c. 4. I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys. 1. v. 50. Song of Solomon 2:1 (MSG) ntn equals נתן, to give an odour, has the specific signification, to give an ill odour (mintin, foetidus), which led an Arab. The vine flowers were so sweet that they were often put, when dried, into new wine to give it flavor. But see, for "clefts," Exodus 33:18-23 . She had failed in watchfulness before ( Solomon 1:6 ); now when converted, she is the more jealous of subtle sins ( Psalms 139:23 ). Rather, as Margin, "of divisions," and Septuagint, mountains intersected with deep gaps, hard to pass over, separating the bride and Jesus Christ. Lily.—So the LXX. Sol 2:13; Sol 7:13) in words of longing. rain is over--( Hebrews 12:18-24 , 1 John 2:8 ). "Little" sins are parents of the greatest ( Ecclesiastes 10:1 , 1 Corinthians 5:6 ). The foliage is perpetual; throughout the year a succession of blossoms, fruit, and perfume ( James 1:17 ). So here in the subst. The other view is that a young woman must choose … Song of Solomon 2:1 (WEB) "Behold men as if dwelling in subterranean cavern" [PLATO, Republic, 7.1]. Nor is it in the least degree indecent that Christ should thus commend himself, partly because his excellency is so transcendently great, that he is free from all suspicion of vanity and self-flattery; and partly because it is suitable to the style of such writings, and to the present design of recommending himself to the affection of his spouse. And a day of comfort will come after a night of desertion. The Arabs have the word, and apply it to any brilliantly coloured flower, as the tulip, anemone, ranunculus. (I am a flower of Sharon, and a lily of the great valley. Here He is resting, but with a repose easily broken ( Zephaniah 3:17 ). Thorns, equivalent to the wicked ( 2 Samuel 23:6 , Psalms 57:4 ). I am a narcissus of Sharon, A lily of the valleys. (t) Zohar in Gen. fol. Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. l. 1. שׁ עד or אשׁר r עד, with fut. The mention of the "turtle's" cooing better accords with our text. I am the lily of the field {Heb. The winter may mean years passed in ignorance and sin, unfruitful and miserable, or storms and tempests that accompanied his conviction of guilt and danger. . The church may be compared to a lily, for her beauty and fragrance, as to a rose; and the redness of the rose, and the whiteness of the lily, meeting in her, make her somewhat like her beloved, white and ruddy; like the lily, being arrayed in fine linen, clean and white, the righteousness of the saints; and like it for fruitfulness, as it is in good works, under the influence of divine grace, and grows up on high into her head, Christ Jesus; and though weak in herself, yet strong in him, who supports her, and not she him: and the church may be compared to a "lily of the valleys"; which may not describe any particular lily, and what we now call so; but only expresses the place where it grows, in low places, where plants are in danger of being plucked and trodden upon; though they may have more moisture and verdure than those in higher places; so the church of Christ is sometimes in a low estate, exposed to enemies, and liable to be trampled and trodden under foot by them, and to be carried away with the flood of persecution, were it not guarded by divine power; and, being watered with the dews of grace, it becomes flourishing and fruitful. "Come," in the close of Revelation 22:17 , as at His earlier manifestation ( Matthew 11:28 ). Speak freely, fear not a slight or a repulse. In the last sickness of J. Welch. 7. by the roes--not an oath but a solemn charge, to act as cautiously as the hunter would with the wild roes, which are proverbially timorous; he must advance with breathless circumspection, if he is to take them; so he who would not lose Jesus Christ and His Spirit, which is easily grieved and withdrawn, must be tender of conscience and watchful ( Ezekiel 16:43 , Ephesians 4:30 , 5:15 , 1 Thessalonians 5:19 ). This figure is exceeding just; not only the beauty of women is expressed by the colour of the rose F24, as is common in poems of this kind; to give instances of it would be endless F25; some have had the name of Rhoda from hence; see ( Acts 12:13 ) .

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