In an April 2017 Forrester report titled “, Strategic threat intelligence can help you reset the corporate culture, shifting cybersecurity accountability from its own silo and elevating cyber risk understanding and decision-making to both technical and business leaders. Security professionals can use strategic threat intelligence to help justify security spending decisions and to realign budgets to address the right areas of focus when it comes to cyber risk. However, information is not intelligence, and when it comes to cyber threat intelligence specifically, being able to bridge the gap between a piece of information and what it means to you is key to an effective cyber security strategy. There are a multitude of definitions of intelligence, and two of these are included below for illustration. What are the most likely threats? hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(5869920, '2cf00956-abef-4e78-be37-c573c399310d', {}); To discuss this article or other industry developments, please reach out to one of our experts. What Do You Ask Your Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst? The process is a cycle because it identifies intelligence gaps, unanswered questions, which prompt new collection requirements, thus restarting the intelligence cycle. It informs decision and policy makers on broad or long-term issues and/or provides a timely warning of threats. ‘One of the practices I've seen work really well is organisations that are able to communicate with neighbouring businesses and industry,’ he notes, ‘that's essentially the idea of going out and asking your neighbours: What are you seeing? Operational intelligence assesses specific, potential incidents related to events, investigations, and/or activities, and provides insights that can guide and support response operations. Strategic intelligence assesses disparate bits of information to form integrated views. Podcast | From Information to Action: The Strategic Value of Cyber Threat Intelligence. Have there been recent cyber incidents, and if so, have the weak links been addressed? Properly applied cyber threat intelligence can provide greater insight into cyber threats, allowing for a faster, more targeted response as well as resource development and allocation. In an April 2017 Forrester report titled “Achieve Early Success In Threat Intelligence With The Right Collection Strategy”, the first of three key takeaways is: “Start with Strategic Intelligence Capabilities. The briefing is a succinct review of the preceding week’s top cyber threat trends and developments, accompanied by key takeaways for security and leadership teams. Using this framework, it is easier to architect solutions and to help all parties involved understand their role in delivering information efficiently and effectively. With this understanding, they can make cybersecurity investments that effectively protect their organizations and are aligned with its strategic priorities. What threats are others facing in our sector? This extra step ensures that, to the extent feasible, the analysts’ mindsets and biases are accounted for and minimized or incorporated as necessary. With this intel that can be easily understood by all stakeholders, it is easier to make the case for and defend budgetary requests, and it’s easier for the business to understand the impact of a yes/no decision as it relates to the cybersecurity spend. Ever since Mandiant broke the veritable geopolitical glass ceiling with its report on APT1, the industry has been on an unending quest to reach to holy grail of CTI: its strategic dimensions. When thinking about strategic threat intelligence, the first step is to determine what questions (aka requirements) you want to answer. In this cycle requirements are stated; data collection is planned, implemented, and evaluated; the results are analyzed to produce intelligence; and the resulting intelligence is disseminated and re-evaluated in the context of new information and consumer feedback. are they working together? For instance, MS-ISAC has a collection requirement to identify SLTT government website defacements so that we can notify the affected entity. For example: • For the Boardroom - Are we well positioned for cyber threats or are we not? Are the threats changing over time? What if you are a part of a victim organization that has just experienced an incident involving the theoretical malicious infrastructure infr1[.]com? In cyber threat intelligence, analysis often hinges on the triad of actors, intent, and capability, with consideration given to their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), motivations, and access to the intended targets. What are we doing about it? For instance, it can assist decision makers in determining acceptable business risks, developing controls and budgets, in making equipment and staffing decisions (strategic intelligence), provide insights that guide and support incident response and post-incident activities (operational/technical intelligence), and advance the use of indicators by validating, prioritizing, specifying the length of time an indicator is valid (tactical intelligence). Intelligence analysts and consumers determine intelligence gaps during the dissemination and re-evaluation phase. In this podcast, we discuss what it means, and what it takes, to turn cyber threat information into cyber threat intelligence, and examine what this looks like in practice. She says: ‘Collecting that data is one thing, but having a human analyst contextualise it and make it as actionable as possible - that is what makes that data “intelligent”, so to speak.’. MS-ISAC published the current intelligence to warn members about the increase and initiated new requirements and collection efforts to fulfill the intelligence gaps.

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