The wellbeing of international students is our top priority at UKCISA and we are doing everything we can to ensure that you have the support you need during this unprecedented global pandemic. (updated 26 October), Covid-19: Guidance for Student sponsors, migrants and for Short-term students, Study, including distance learning and starting a new course (updated 6 October), English language tests (updated 26 October), Applying for a UK visa: approved English language tests, Leaving the UK earlier than expected (updated 3 November),, Advice for UK visa applicants and temporary UK residents, When student sponsors will withdraw sponsorship (updated 6 October), Home Office advice for Tier 2, 5 and Student sponsors, How periods of overstay will be regarded (updated 26 October), Immigration permission expiring after 31 October 2020 (updated 2 November), Home Office’s advice for UK visa applicants and temporary UK residents, Immigration permission expired between 1 September and 31 October (updated 26 October), Immigration permission expired between 24 January and 31 August 2020 (updated 7 October), application form for 'exceptional assurance', Making an immigration application in the UK (updated 3 November), Applying in the UK under the Student Route when this is not usually possible (updated 26 October), Biometric residence permits (updated 3 November), Remember that, since 5 October 2020, there has been no limit on postgraduate study. When you apply in the UK, your BRP is sent directly to you by courier. Latest health advice from Public Health Wales. Before calling us, please check Some answers to your questions. This is a rapidly evolving situation, and advice from institutions, and from the governments in the UK and other countries is understandably being updated on a very frequent basis. Feeling anxious or getting harrassed? Get in touch with your university for support as they are there to help you through these difficult times. Alternatively, for applications in Europe, Africa and parts of the Middle East visit

If you leave the UK before you receive it, see our information above on Leaving the UK earlier than expected. The Home Office did not expect or require you to provide it with information, but remember to keep your own records and copies of any documents that you might need in the future to demonstrate your compliance with this policy. for international students to flock to. The Kings London campus is in Beckenham, a 20-minute train ride from central London. Please be reassured that we are working constantly with UK government departments, our members, and other sector organisations, taking every possible measure to ensure the university community is well-informed, supported and safe. Staff, parents and students can contact:, For support or clarification on any of the information given here, you can phone our student advice line on +4420 7788 9214 which is open Monday to Friday (except for public holidays) from 1.00pm to 4.00pm (UK time). We have heard that some people who have applied for, or been granted, exceptional assurance, have been told by student sponsors that they cannot now apply in the UK as a Student. Many students' unions have specialist housing advisers.

Removed details of urgent application and exceptional assurance schemes as they have both been extended to those whose leave expires after 31 October. Hear from other students and join in with positive campaign actions through the #WeAreTogether campaign. But studying at university as an international student can be seriously costly – with fees often topping £20,000 a year and living expenses on top of that, the majority of students will need financial help from somewhere in order to make it work. While you are studying A-Level in the UK, you can visit fun places that are famous in this city such as Cambridge Arts Theatre for drama and Fitzwilliam Museum for Art. Applying for more time in the same category of immigration permission is called 'extending'. 4) Regulations 2020, government guidance on how to self-isolate on arrival in the UK, Guidance on self-isolation for students arriving in the UK, Staying safe and protecting others (physical distancing), your country's embassy or high commission in the UK, Free NHS treatment including Covid-19 testing (updated 30 October), Covid-19 and renting guidance for landlords, tenants and local authorities, Welsh goverment has detailed guidance for private renters. Students can choose from two main accommodation areas both close to the colleges. For details of test centres, see Applying for a UK visa: approved English language tests, and keep in touch with your Student sponsor; it is not clear how this will actually work in practice so your Student sponsor may need to put alternative measures in place. You will  have to provide details of your location in the UK. The governments of England, Wales and Scotland have confirmed that your eligibility for home fee status and student finance will not be affected if you cannot be physically present in the UK, or the relevant part of the UK, by the specified date for a Covid-related reason. Everyone at UKCISA and Universities UK International understands that it is a difficult time for many international students. Talk to other students and staff who were in the UK this Spring, and stick to the basics. You should check the terms of your education and accommodation contracts and ask the providers in case you can obtain a full or partial refund if you leave the UK earlier than planned. You have to remember that in addition to your actual courses, you have to improve your English skills as well. International students in the UK will not have their student visas revoked Many international students in the UK are worried that they will have their Tier-4 student visas revoked if they’re self-isolating or studying from home as the visa has strict regulations. This special provision will be reviewed by 30 November 2020.

International students are defined by the Office for Students as vulnerable, which means that you should have guaranteed appropriate accommodation, immediate access to hardship funds if necessary, and support with obtaining food, cleaning and medical supplies. CATS Colleges focus on university preparation through A-Levels, foundation programmes, and international baccalaureate. Added an explanation that complaints about a lack of concessions need to go to the relevant government department.

The list of acceptable absences is not exhaustive so it is not limited to the examples in guidance. If you have decided to study A-Level in the UK, Bellebrys Colleges’ locations are in Brighton and London. IHS goes up on 27 October 2020. This means that you cannot apply for certain welfare benefits and social housing - see Public Funds. You must wear a face covering, which includes masks, if you use public transport in the UK. You should also check your accommodation contract for details of refunds and liabilities. It should set out clearly when you will be entitled to a refund of your deposit, tuition fees and any other expenses if you are unable to travel to the UK or are not satisfied with the course. What have we updated? 4 Gordon Mews,Gordon Close Portslade,BN41 1HU Brighton, United Kingdom. For the list of exceptions, see regulation 6 of The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No.

They might be able to make special arrangements for you if you explain to them in detail how their decisions will affect you. This concession will remain in place until the end of the 2020-2021 academic year. Information in Scotland is aimed at private landlords and letting agents. Studying A-Level in the UK is no joke, especially if you are an international student. 1/n, — Alexandra Rosbotham MYP (@EastAntrimMYP) March 23, 2020. Make sure that you always inform your student sponsor if you are not able to study or do your assessment or exams, even if you are studying online. Contact your Student sponsor if this affects you and you need more information. For more information, please visit our dedicated January 2021 Start hub.

If you think or know that your student sponsor has reported you to the the Home Office, you can ask them in writing to withdraw the report. What have we added?

Kings Oxford has two campuses in the city, at central St. Michaels and St. Josephs.

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