This strategy is called cooperative learning! In the meantime, I’d encourage you to have a conversation with your curriculum team about your current definition of curriculum, and what you believe the critical factors are for a successful curriculum adoption process. Teachers may also search the Internet or ask their colleagues for “more curriculum,” which means the teacher is looking for more resources to use in a classroom setting. Here is what I believe curriculum is and is not: Curriculum is not a textbook, nor the materials, videos and worksheets that help us instruct students. a digital literacy class in your middle school, stand against the epidemic of cyberbullying, you’ll get a list of standards from your state, the AES Educator Community for advice from your peers, resources like Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) for their syllabus templates. Created by the Great Schools Partnership, the GLOSSARY OF EDUCATION REFORM is a comprehensive online resource that describes widely used school-improvement terms, concepts, and strategies for journalists, parents, and community members. That way, every student gets a strong idea of a concept while meeting and interacting with their peers. These two methods are called formative assessments and summative assessments. If you find something that is not accessible to you, please contact us here. Here is what I believe curriculum is and is not: . The books my mentor teacher showed me should have been a piece of the puzzle, not the completed puzzle. A curriculum is a collection of lessons, assessments, and other academic content that’s taught in a school, program, or class by a teacher. Formative assessments work best when you use them to evaluate how much (or how well) a student is learning in a class. That’s because the final part of a curriculum is designed to challenge your students and drive home the point of your entire class in one fell swoop. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(428371, 'fdc70d8c-61dc-4861-a7f4-55186bf75c0d', {}); 999 Skyway Rd, Suite 325 San Carlos, CA 94070, Copyright © 2020 Education Elements. Naturally, it’s up to you to determine how much you want to weigh these assessments. It’s phenomenally helpful for most teachers because a curriculum map shows you exactly what you need to teach, when, and the materials you need to teach it. You’ve read about a standard curriculum. Online learning is also a cornerstone teaching strategy in a larger educational concept — blended learning. This allows teachers to accommodate students who learn differently without leaving any of them behind the rest of the class. When that metric is applied to your capstone project, why are you confident that your students have succeeded in their learning goals? Purpose statements work best when they’re simple. With that in mind, a standard curriculum typically consists of the following parts: Now that you know what a curriculum is, let's dive into how you can create each part of it. It is the knowledge and skills that students are expected to learn as they progress through our school system. Most of the time, you’ll get a list of standards from your state department of education to guide you in the information they’re supposed to teach students. As a result, you don’t need to say you’ll use “grades” as a measure of whether students have met your class’s goals. Every teacher has experienced (and probably delivered) lectures. Altogether, you just helped your students learn a new concept while meeting one another and taking responsibility for a portion of their education! Any new CTE teacher has a lot to learn when transitioning from a career in the industry. Really? --  Are proper rollout plans and support systems in place to ensure a successful curriculum change? Classrooms, I recall one distinct shocking moment as a new teacher. If you’re having a hard time finding your state, district, or school standards, check first with your immediate supervisor. Lectures are considered the standard in education because they’ve been used since before Socrates. Your strategy framework shows the different teaching methods you’ll use to help your students learn. If one or two students struggle, then you can approach them on an individual basis to customize a remediation plan for them. An outcome statement is an official list of the goals you have for students who take your class. Did old textbooks equal their current curriculum? Education Elements has worked hard to become ADA compliant, and continues to strive for accessibility on this website for everyone. But that’s standard for any class! One of the most common terms that can cause confusion for new teachers is the word "curriculum.". How will your class prepare students for their futures? Privacy Policy Copyright Policy. As the different groups speak, you can correct any misinformation that different students may have acquired. Differentiated instruction means tailoring your teaching strategy to students’ individual learning needs. What Is a Curriculum and How Do You Make One? Math teachers may play “around the world” with flash cards in their classes. If you’ve never created a full syllabus before, check with a peer, mentor, or supervisor to see if they have a template you can use. Blended learning is an effective education strategy because it teaches students the same information in multiple ways. It was when a mentor teacher was onboarding me. Your class’s essential resources include anything you need for your students to teach everything in your class. Generally speaking, curriculum takes many different forms in schools—too many to comprehensively catalog here. At the end of a cooperative learning session, it’s important for you to pull your entire class back together to talk about what they learned. What is the quantifiable metric you’ll use to gauge whether your students have learned? Finally, a school, institution, or district can refer to their standards or class sequence as “curriculum.”. It’s a standard and effective way of showing why your class is important and what students will learn in it. By: Then, once you have your purpose statement, you can move onto the next important statement! That all probably took you a long time if you did it by hand. Definition of curriculum. Summative assessments tend to be more rigid when it comes to your options because they require objective criteria for you to grade. Download our Curriculum Adoption Process Framework. That’s why so many health science and computer applications classes have strict standards — every class in the state needs to teach the same fundamental information for students to succeed later in life! With that in mind, a standard curriculum typically consists of the following parts: You’re examining how well students are “forming” information and connections in their brains. An individual teacher’s curriculum, for example, would be the specific learning standards, lessons, assignments, and materials used to organize and teach a particular course. The following are a few representative examples of the ways in which curriculum is targeted for improvement or used to leverage school improvement and increase teacher effectiveness: The Glossary of Education Reform welcomes your comments and suggestions. Curriculum may also encompass a school’s academic requirements for graduation, such as the courses students have to take and pass, the number of credits students must complete, and other requirements, such as completing a capstone project or a certain number of community-service hours. As a CTE curriculum developer, we've heard that new CTE teachers are often unaware of what certain words or phrases in the educational space mean. It is the knowledge and skills that students are expected to learn as they progress through our school system. "Curriculum" can mean a lot of different things to different people involved in education. With it, you can create classes, map out your marking periods, engage students with activities, and show pre-made lessons that align to state standards. Teachers may use the term “curriculum” to refer to the information they teach throughout a class. As a result, teachers use summative assessments like: All of these summative assessment options come with answer keys or grading rubrics for the sake of quantifying what students have learned in your class. All Rights Reserved. However, two methods stick out above all of the others in terms of effectiveness and popularity. This is especially important if you work in a state that has a lot of standards and requirements for classes you teach! Download this free eBook to discover if digital curriculum is a good fit for your classes: Bri collaborates with others at AES to create content that answers your questions about teaching classes, preparing students for certifications, and making the most of the AES digital curriculum. Why do students need to know the information in your class? A bunch of worksheets made by a textbook publisher. Blended learning is the practice of using multiple teaching strategies in a single class. The materials were barely different from when I was a student. Out of this fundamental belief about curriculum, we have developed the core pillars to anchor your thinking, as you look at revising what curriculum means in your school system. Outcome statements are similar to purpose statements in that they convey why your class is important. Fortunately, modern technology offers you a lot of alternatives — including online learning. This kind of work can also be helpful if you want to use our next teaching strategy — differentiated instruction. Some of the most common strategy frameworks and teaching strategies include: We’ll start with the oldest and most well-known form of education in the world — lecture. For a related discussion, see hidden curriculum. Formative assessments are great because they let you see how well your students learn without grading them for every single assignment they complete. With today’s technology and the accessibility of dynamic content, we need to be focusing our curriculum discussions (and decisions) less around static materials and the tools to present information. Still others are hands-on learners! For modern classrooms, this list can get surprisingly long — sometimes with dozens of items! So when you use lecture, online learning, and textbooks to teach your students, you’re technically teaching with blended learning! 800-220-2175800-220-2175. -- What is the vision, common understanding, roles and responsibilities of the personnel involved in the curriculum process? Best of all, you get hundreds of curriculum hours of content to fill the classes you need to teach! A syllabus is typically an extensive document, detailing each lesson to be taught, the day on which lessons will be taught, the homework to be assigned, and the expectations of students at the end of each unit. Your outcome statement — and the goals you have for your students — could include: It’s important to note that these goals are all in addition to the grades you’d give in any other typical class. For example, you may pioneer a digital literacy class in your middle school. Stay tuned for our next post on how these pillars can help ensure a successful curriculum adoption for 21st century learning.

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