If that’s a bit pricey, try this one instead. Italians are always wonderfully turned out in the best that they can afford. ✔︎ Camera: don’t forget to capture those amazing travel moments. If you build your packing list around three or four foundation pieces of travel gear or attire, the rest is easy. Here are a few non-negotiable items that should always find their way into your backpack for practically any Italian excursion. Pasta. The rules apply to both men and women. I have only ever seen Italian men wear shorts on the beach. Getting lost is a pleasure and an art form in this town. Italy is part of the Schengen visa zone. More about seasonal dressing in the full packing list below. I can’t sometimes. ✔︎ Hydration: for your skin – lip balm (this is the best) and your favourite moisturiser, and for your body – a collapsible water bottle – this will come in handy in Rome. For Italy you must also pack sunglasses, ✔︎ Aim to use each item in at least 3 outfits. What do People Wear in Rome? Scarves can be purchased from hawkers in the square if you forgot. The power of the classics isn’t lost on Italy. You can get a pair of “Ray-Bans” for €2 at any street vendor. ), I’m a lit nerd and history fiend, so visiting the Roman home and (final) residence of the English writer and poet John Keats fills me with all the feelings. Get that “penne” pasta for your roommate (you know what I’m talking about). Pro Tip: The Trevi Fountain never really gets “quiet,” but visit it on your way back home from Campo di Fiori and you might stumble upon the equally stoic solitude and frivolous exhibitionism that make this fountain one of the most beloved spots in the world. Because it’s a maximum sized carry on, with hideaway straps, you’ll have plenty of room to pack what you need and flexibility in how you carry it. Although it is always nice to look a little glamorous for dinner.. ladies, bring a dress! When it comes to what you should wear in Italy, the general rule of thumb is to look nice, even on a casual day of sightseeing, and put some effort into your appearance. You’ll notice it has a zip closure and two internal pockets which are both essential features. Consider that any trip to Italy will likely include a good amount of moving around as you tour historical monuments, so pack clothing that is easy to wear and will not wrinkle easily. Their main entertainment is an iPad loaded with games, puzzles and favourite shows. What to Wear in Italy in Late September & October Travelers flock to Italy for the culture, the history and the fascinating people. It refers to presentation and how you show yourself to the world. The key to the perfect Italian vacation is a light, simple, functional carry on bag. There is no need to be a fashionista. If you’re not sure where to start, use these tips and lists of what to pack to build your own Italy packing list. An Italian/English Dictionary: Everyone and I mean EVERYONE speaks English in Rome. Follow your nose and follow the locals. Whether you’re flitting off to Rome for a long weekend or cruising from Florence to Venice on a Vespa, packing for Italy is surprisingly simple. This site is great! No sweat, right? Venice has never existed without boats as a primary means of transportation. You want a little flexibility in your pack, and a great way to do that is with disposable t-shirts. ✔︎ Choose a 3 hued color scheme and stick to it. all the gods “The Pantheon”) the precise mathematics of the dome are on par with other ancient structures like the Pyramids of Giza. Plus, you can cut corners on stuff like t-shirts and tank tops if you know you’ve got a great jacket for chilly nights, or one pair of travel underwear that can take the place of three budget pairs. ✔︎ Camera accessories: don’t forget your battery charger and an extra battery. Trust me, the cheese souvenir is a very good idea. After living in Rome for a year, and traveling back to Italy several times since then for extended trips from Sicily in the south, to Lago di Como in the north, driving a rental car through Tuscany, and a Vespa across most of the country, our writers have ridden the rails to Pompei, hiked Vesuvius in Sicily, driven over the alps, waded through flooded streets in Venice, and hiked Cinque Terra. That’s one of the few constants in Venetian history. Pack in layers, and pack light! Italy is a modern country and you will be able to purchase anything you need there. Keep it simple and stylish – that’s your ‘what to wear in Italy’ mantra. It is also known for its wealth of incredible dining options, as well as excellent nightlife. Click here for more information. Visiting sights, walking the cobbled streets and climbing up and down stairs to get those incredible views means you need to be practical about clothing and footwear. 3 month (90 days) visitor visas are issued on arrival to nationals of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Want this checklist as a printable PDF document? Yelp it if you must, but I encourage you to eat by braille in Venice. A nice pair of flat sneakers is a great choice, and boat shoes look and perform well. After fielding countless packing and travel questions from customers at Tortuga, we started this blog to share the answers. I’m a rock climber, biker, and hiker, so even though I’m a huge fan of city life in Italy, I like to get out there and mix it up a little bit. Trust me. It packs like a suitcase, is water resistant,and has a sleek, low profile design that doesn’t scream, “I’m a tourist!” Perfect for Italy. St. Peter’s is to Rome what the Empire State Building is to New York City…if the Empire State Building was the seat of power, culture, beauty, history, art, and influence for centuries. This is the best travel money card on the market thanks to its low and transparent transaction fees and competitive conversion rates – there is no profit margin built-in > more information here I also have a back up credit card in case of emergencies, Pro tip – if you are worried about security, get a wallet that includes RFID blocking, ✔︎ Portable wifi or International SIM:  If you use a lot of data daily like I do, consider buying or renting a portable wifi device like this one from Skyroam – unlimited data for $US 9 per day for up to 5 devices. Despite some of the incredible styles on show during Milan Fashion Week, Italians are generally conservative dressers and don’t like to stand out from the crowd. Italy uses a different outlet style and a different voltage than the United States, so use caution when packing electrical appliances. ✔︎ Crossbody bag: a medium sized crossbody bag is the perfect bag for travel. ✔︎ Tickets and documents – I like to keep as much travel information as I can online. Click here. Chokers of pearls are very difficult to wear as you get older because you might get a turkey crop, and that definitely doesn’t look great. A restaurant packed to overflowing, where everyone is speaking Italian, is worth waiting for a table at. It’s big enough to hold all your necessary items but can also be stored in the overhead racks on most trains. If you click through and make a purchase on many of these items we may earn a commission. I like to take a pair of ankle boots in winter, sandals in summer, and ballet flats in all seasons. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. While phone cameras are getting better every day, I love my Olympus Pen mirrorless camera for getting those wow shots. I don’t know but because I usually feel a little chilly on any flight I bring a light wool scarf or pashmina to keep me warm, ✔︎ Pen(s): you will need them to fill in your arrivals card. A fashionable woolen cap (beanie, toque) is all you need to stay warm and look hip as hell. you’ll find casual clothes adequate. Make sure you are suitably dressed for the weather and local culture whatever the season. If you need a daypack that will go the distance in all weather, but still packs flat, and has room for your laptop, then the Outbreaker Daypack is the perfect compromise. You don’t have to pack a lot to look good either. For nighttime and more upscale restaurants or bars, bring your best shoes; Italians go all out when it comes to footwear. Get something with a little sturdier sole. Seafood. Jenn has been published in numerous travel publications, partnered with brands to promote travel and education, she writes and speaks frequently on topics related to work-life integration for travelers, solo female travel, and family travel. You need to think about four major things to consider when packing for your trip to Italy. Expect to walk in Italy. Whether it is the glamor of Capri and the Amalfi Coast or the rustic beauty of the Cinque Terre and surrounds, the Italian coast is iconic and should not be missed. Most of Italy’s churches are open to visitors, free of charge. If you’re seriously lost, your best bet is to find some open sky in a square, or on a bridge, to try to get your bearings. We like these Bose noise-canceling headphones, ✔︎ Scarf/pashmina: why are planes so cold? The best part about Rome is that you’ll get better and better at navigating this wonderful city each time you arrive, and Rome won’t change a bit between each visit. If you really insist on visiting Italy in the summer, pack a Buff neck scarf. Kids can follow the main clothing advice but I would throw in a few extra pants, tops and underwear for whatever kids do that always makes them get so messy. Rome in September Start your trip in Italy’s eternal capital and the former capital of the Roman Empire. I find shampoos and conditioners take up the most space so I like to use dry shampoo (this one is the best) to extend the time between washes. ✔︎ Passport – this varies depending on your nationality but it is good practice to have at least 6 months validity on your passport. Summer [June/July/August] – Italian summers are warm to very hot and humidity is high. The ghosts were still there, reaching out through stone holes with withered arms, hoary, haggard heads with sunken pleading eyes. Don’t expect your GPS to be particularly helpful. When traveling your hair will need some extra care and attention. If there’s one thing you should take away from this packing list, it’s that you will walk a lot in Italy. Go early in the morning to mitigate that. If you look really hard and pay close attention, you can find the perfect shot with St. Peter’s in the background. Spontaneity is the name of the game in Italy. Her work has appeared in numerous journals, newspapers and corporate publications. If you want to brush up on the culture and make sure you are mentally as well as physically prepared for your travels you might like to read our tips for Italy article. If you’re not hip to the “shacket” crazy, don’t panic. Travel in Italy often includes rides on trains, which have very narrow aisles, and you will be more comfortable if you can easily carry your own luggage. Local boats of every size and shape, from row boats to giant cruise ships make their passages, as they have for centuries. ✔︎ Umbrella: don’t get caught out in a rain shower! It is also the season when you are most likely to experience rain. Did you know they have fountains where you can fill up  your bottle with drinking water all over the city? Items for your transit or flight to Italy, the time of year you are visiting and the weather, your style (this needs attention in Italy! You absolutely don’t want to cram your bag full of your own clothes, because you’re going to bring stuff home with you. You can regale your friends with your best Tuscan sunset story as you bury your nose in the bouquet of tannic flavors. It comes early and offers a very comfortable climate to tourists. In spring and fall/autumn you need a lighter jacket – a classic trench coat is ideal. I like to think of the activities I will be doing each day and build outfits from there. I map out my itinerary and save copies of documents on Evernote.

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